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Many different types of communities exist here at Wiki Spot. Some are small, focused groups, others are open communities of people who share a common interest. While not all are listed on this entry, some have chosen to list their wiki here in order to promote or share their community.

Local wiki communities that are bold have over 1,000 entries, and interest wikis that have over 100 entries are bold. (And of course, if your wiki has passed that, bold it!) Reading the directory is simple: Each wiki should have a single "About" entry here on the Wiki Spot directory. That's the first link under "About". Each wiki has a shortname, and it is always located at their "", and is the key for interwiki links. If the wiki has a domain name as well, it is listed under "Link". Finally each wiki has a focus for the community. Once you have created an account here on Wiki Spot, your account will work on all the wiki communities located at Wiki Spot.

Feel free to add your Wiki Spot wiki to the list.  You might want to wait until you've created at least a paragraph explaining what your wiki is for and a few entries to give an idea of what your wiki has been created for. For instance, a wiki titled "Lead" could be about virtually anything — leadership, the metal, a group named "Lead", a pencil wiki... until you add a clear and direct introduction, people have to guess at the reason for your wiki.

Local Wikis

Are you trying to create a wiki for a local community? If so, you should fill out the [WWW]localwiki pilot recommendation form to and we'll get in contact about participating in our new project— [WWW]LocalWiki.


About Short Name URL Community
The Hahnwiki [hahndorf]hahndorf [WWW]link Hahndorf, South Australia, Australia
Trolling [trolling]trolling [WWW]link Unknown Location, Australia


British Columbia

About Short Name URL Community
Better Together [belonging]belonging [WWW]link Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
v8Adapt [v8adapt]v8adapt [WWW]link Upper Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver Wiki [vancouver]vancouver [WWW]link Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Nova Scotia

About Short Name URL Community
Nova Scotia Wiki [ns]ns [WWW]link Nova Scotia, Canada


About Short Name URL Community
WikiWindsor [windsor]windsor [WWW]link Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Wikisauga [mississauga]mississauga [WWW]link Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Torontopedia! [toronto]toronto [WWW]link Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fun Toronto [funtoronto]funtoronto [WWW]link Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Events)
Spiritual Guelph Wiki [spiritualguelph]spiritualguelph [WWW]link Guelph, Ontario, Canada (spiritual focus)
Ottawa Wiki [ottawa]ottawa [WWW]link Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Peterborough Wiki [ptbo]ptbo [WWW]link Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
NSC-BYC Easter Seals Regatta [2009regatta]2009regatta [WWW]link Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Prince Edward Island

About Short Name URL Community
PEI Wiki [pei]pei [WWW]link Prince Edward Island, Canada


About Short Name URL Community
Weyburn Wiki [weyburn]weyburn [WWW]link Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada


About Short Name URL Community
TriniWiki [triniwiki]triniwiki [WWW]link Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean


About Short Name URL Community
integradores Student's Projects - Manizales Catholic University [integradores]integradores [WWW]link Manizales, Colombia


About Short Name URL Community
Indore [indore]indore [WWW]link Indore, India


About Short Name URL Community
Jakarta Wiki [jakarta]jakarta [WWW]link Jakarta, Indonesia


About Short Name URL Community
Klang Valley Wiki [klangvalley]klangvalley [WWW]link Klang Valley, Malaysia


About Short Name URL Community
FAA Wiki [faa]faa [WWW]link Malta Environment NGO


Baja California

About Short Name URL Community
Baja California [bajacalifornia]bajacalifornia [WWW]link Baja California, Mexico


About Short Name URL Community
Mongol Wiki [mongolwiki]mongolwiki [WWW]link Unknown location, Mongolia

New Zealand

About Short Name URL Community
Wairarapa Wiki [wairarapa]wairarapa [WWW]link Wairarapa, New Zealand



About Short Name URL Community Wiki [abrenian]abrenian [WWW]link Abra, Philippine

Russian Federation


About Short Name URL Community
Новое Нахабино [novoenahabino]novoenahabino [WWW]link Новое Нахабино. Вики микрорайона

South Africa

About Short Name URL Community
Johannesburg Commons [johannesburg]johannesburg [WWW]link Johannesburg, South Africa


About Short Name URL Community
SissachWiki [sissach]sissach [WWW]link Sissach, Switzerland

United Kingdom

About Short Name URL Community
Cambridge Wiki [cambridge]cambridge [WWW]link Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Liverpool [liverpool]Liverpool [WWW]link Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom
Roundhay Wiki [roundhay]roundhay [WWW]link Roundhay, Leeds, England, United Kingdom
Rugby [rugbytown]rugbytown [WWW]link Rugby, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom
SusNott [susnott]susnott [WWW]link Sustainable and Community Nottingham, East Midlands, England, United Kingdom
Transition Birmingham [transition-brum]transition-brum [WWW]link Transition Birmingham, Midlands, England, United Kingdom
Wheatfield Backgreen [wheatfield-backgreen]wheatfield-backgreen [WWW]link Wheatfield Backgreen, Gorgie, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

United States


About Short Name URL Community
Fairbanks Wiki [fairbanks]fairbanks [WWW]link Fairbanks, Alaska, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Tempe Wiki [tempe]tempe [WWW]link Tempe, Arizona, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Conway Wiki [conwaywiki]conwaywiki [WWW]link Conway, Arkansas, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Alameda Wiki [alameda]alameda [WWW]link Alameda, California, USA
Albany Wiki [albany]albany [WWW]link Albany, California, USA
Bakersfield Wiki [bakersfield]bakersfield [WWW]link Bakersfield, California, USA
Barstow Wiki [barstow]barstow [WWW]link Barstow, California, USA
Berkeley Wiki [berkeley]berkeley [WWW]link Berkeley, California, USA
Camarillo Wiki [camarillo]camarillo [WWW]link Camarillo, California, USA
Campbell Wiki [campbell]campbell [WWW]link Campbell, California, USA
Chico Wiki [chico]chico [WWW]link Chico, California, USA
Davis Wiki [davis]davis [WWW]link Davis, California, USA
Dixon Wiki [dixon]dixon [WWW]link Dixon, California, USA
East Palo Alto Wiki [epa]epa [WWW]link East Palo Alto, California, USA
Elk Grove Wiki [elkgrove]elkgrove [WWW]link Elk Grove, California, USA
Escondido Wiki [escondido]escondido [WWW]link Escondido, California, USA
Fairfax, CA Wiki [fairfax]fairfax [WWW]link Fairfax, California, USA
Fowlerpedia [fowler]fowler [WWW]link Fowler, California, USA
HumboldtWiki [humboldt]humboldt [WWW]link Humboldt County, California, USA
Irvine Wiki [irvine]irvine [WWW]link Irvine, California, USA
LaMorinda Wiki [lamorinda]lamorinda [WWW]link Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda, California, USA
Lincoln Wiki [lincoln]lincoln [WWW]link Lincoln, California, USA
Livermore Wiki [livermorewiki]livermorewiki [WWW]link Livermore, California, USA
Lompoc Wiki [lompocwiki]lompocwiki [WWW]link Lompoc, California, USA
Long Beach Wiki [longbeach]longbeach [WWW]link Long Beach, California, USA
Los Angeles Wiki [la]la [WWW]link Los Angeles, California, USA
Los Gatos Wiki [losgatos]losgatos [WWW]link Los Gatos, California, USA
Marin Wiki [marin]marin [WWW]link Marin County, California, USA
Mendocino Wiki [mendocino]mendocino [WWW]link Mendocino, California, USA
Merced Wiki [merced]merced [WWW]link Merced, California, USA
Milpitas Wiki [milpitas-ca]milpitas-ca [WWW]link Milpitas, California, USA
Modesto Wiki [modesto]modesto [WWW]link Modesto, California, USA
Mountain View Wiki [mountainview]mountainview [WWW]link Mountain View, California, USA
Napa Wiki [napa]napa [WWW]link Napa, California, USA
Nevada County Wiki [nevadacounty]nevadacounty [WWW]link Nevada County, California, USA
Oceanside Wiki [oceanside]oceanside [WWW]link Oceanside, California, USA
Palm Springs Wiki [palmsprings]palmsprings [WWW]link Palm Springs, California, USA
Palos Verdes Wiki [palosverdes]palosverdes [WWW]link Palos Verdes, California, USA
Petaluma Wiki [petaluma]petaluma [WWW]link Petaluma, California, USA
Pinole Wiki [pinolewiki]pinolewiki [WWW]link Pinole, California, USA
Rancho Cordova Wiki [ranchocordova]ranchocordova [WWW]link Rancho Cordova, California, USA
Redding Wiki [redding]redding [WWW]link Redding, California, USA
Sacramento Wiki [sacramento]sacramento [WWW]link Sacramento, California, USA
San Bruno Wiki [sanbruno-wiki]sanbruno-wiki [WWW]link San Bruno, California, USA
San Diego Wiki [sandiego]sandiego [WWW]link San Diego, California, USA
San Francisco Wiki [sf]sf [WWW]link San Francisco, California, USA
San Jose Wiki [sanjose]sanjose [WWW]link San Jose, California, USA
San Luis Obispo Wiki [slo]slo [WWW]link San Luis Obispo, California, USA
Santa Barbara Wiki [santabarbara]santabarbara [WWW]link Santa Barbara, California, USA
Santa Cruz Wiki [santacruz]santacruz [WWW]link Santa Cruz, California, USA
Sonoma Wiki [sonoma]sonoma [WWW]link Sonoma, California, USA
Sonoma Valley Wiki [sonomavalley]sonomavalley [WWW]link Sonoma Valley, California, USA
Sonoma County Wiki [sonomacounty]sonomacounty [WWW]link Sonoma County, California, USA
South Lake Tahoe Wiki [southlaketahoe]southlaketahoe [WWW]link South Lake Tahoe, California, USA
Sun City Palm Desert Wiki [suncitypalmdesert]suncitypalmdesert [WWW]link Palm Desert, California, USA
Tustin Wiki [tustin]tustin [WWW]link Tustin, California, USA
Vacaville Wiki [vacaville]vacaville [WWW]link Vacaville, California, USA
Vallejo Wiki [vallejo]vallejo [WWW]link Vallejo, California, USA
Ventura Wiki [ventura]ventura [WWW]link Ventura, California, USA
Visalia Wiki [visalia]visalia [WWW]link Visalia, California, USA
Walnut Wiki [walnut]walnut [WWW]link Walnut, California, USA
Walnut Creek Wiki [walnutcreek]walnutcreek [WWW]link Walnut Creek, California, USA
West Sacramento Wiki [westsac]westsac [WWW]link West Sacramento, California, USA
Winters Wiki [winters]winters [WWW]link Winters, California, USA
Woodland Wiki [woodland]woodland [WWW]link Woodland, California, USA
Yuba-Sutter Wiki [yubasutter]yubasutter [WWW]link Yuba and Sutter Counties, California, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Fort Collins Wiki [fortcollins]fortcollins [WWW]link Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
Colorado Springs Wiki [coloradosprings]coloradosprings [WWW]link Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Norwalk Wiki [norwalk]norwalk [WWW]link Norwalk, Connecticut, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Space Coast Wiki [spacecoast]spacecoast [WWW]link Brevard County, Florida, USA
Treasure Coast Wiki [treasurecoast]treasurecoast [WWW]link Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin Counties, Florida, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Athens Wiki [athens]athens [WWW]link Athens, Georgia, USA
Atlanta Wiki [atlanta]atlanta [WWW]link Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Blakely Wiki [blakely]blakely [WWW]link Blakely, Georgia, USA
Valdosta Wiki [valdosta]valdosta [WWW]link Valdosta, Georgia, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Boise Wiki [boise-idaho]boise-idaho [WWW]link Boise, Idaho, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Bloomington-Normal Wiki [bn]bn [WWW]link Bloomington and Normal, Illinois, USA
Champaign-Urbana Wiki [c-u]c-u [WWW]link Champaign and Urbana, Illinois, USA
Chicago Wiki [chicago]chicago [WWW]link Chicago, Illinois, USA
Skokie Wiki [skokiewiki]skokiewiki [WWW]link Skokie, Illinois, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Greencastle, Indiana [greencastlein]greencastlein [WWW]link Greencastle, Indiana, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Manhattan Wiki [manhattan-ks]manhattan-ks [WWW]link Manhattan, Kansas, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Baton Rouge Wiki [baton-rouge]baton-rouge [WWW]link Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Fairhaven High School Wiki [fairhavenmahs]fairhavenmahs [WWW]link Fairhaven, Massachusetts, USA (Startup Phase)
Greater Boston's Wiki [boston]boston [WWW]link Boston, Massachusetts, USA (Still nascent web site)
Harvard Wiki [harvardwiki]harvardwiki [WWW]link Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Moorhead Wiki [moorhead]moorhead [WWW]link Moorhead, Minnesota, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Kirksville Wiki [kirksville]kirksville [WWW]link Kirksville, MO, USA
Saint Louis Wiki [stl]stl [WWW]link Saint Louis, Missouri, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Lincoln Nebraska Wiki [starsower]starsower [WWW]link Lincoln, Nebraska, USA


About Short Name URL Community
University of Nevada Wiki [nevada]nevada [WWW]link University of Nevada, USA
Reno City Wiki [reno]reno [WWW]link Reno, Nevada, USA

New Hampshire

About Short Name URL Community
Keene Wiki [keene]keene [WWW]link Keene, New Hampshire, USA

New Mexico

About Short Name URL Community
Los Alamos Wiki [losalamos]losalamos [WWW]link Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA

New York

About Short Name URL Community
BufWiki [buffalo]buffalo [WWW]link Buffalo, New York, USA
HSL Wiki [hsl]hsl [WWW]link History of the Saranac Lake region of the Adirondacks in northern New York, USA
Ithaca Wiki [ithaca]ithaca [WWW]link Ithaca, New York, USA
HiredInc. Wiki [hiredinc]hiredinc [WWW]link Huntington, New York, USA
New York City Wiki [newyorkcity]newyorkcity [WWW]link New York City, New York, USA
Oneonta region wiki [oneonta-region]oneonta-region [WWW]link Oneonta, New York, USA
Roc Wiki [WWW]rocwiki [WWW]link Rochester, New York, USA
SchoCo Wiki [schoco]schoco [WWW]link Schoharie County, New York, USA
Smadar Wiki [smadarcsa]smadarcsa [WWW]link Riverdale, New York, USA
Syracuse Wiki [syracuse]syracuse [WWW]link Syracuse, New York, USA
Williamson Wiki [williamson]williamson [WWW]link Williamson, New York, USA

North Carolina

About Short Name URL Community
Ahoskie Wiki [ahoskie]ahoskie [WWW]link Ahoskie, North Carolina, USA
Cramerton Wiki [cramerton]cramerton [WWW]link Cramerton, North Carolina, USA
Lake Gaston [lakegaston]lakegaston [WWW]link Lake Gaston, North Carolina, USA
OBX [obx]obx [WWW]link Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Akron Wiki [akron]akron [WWW]link Akron, OH, USA
Columbus Wiki [columbus]columbus [WWW]link Columbus, Ohio, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Corvallis Wiki [corvallis]corvallis [WWW]link Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Eugene Wiki [eugene]eugene [WWW]link Eugene, Oregon, USA
Philomath Wiki [philomath]philomath [WWW]link Philomath, Oregon, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Carlisle Community Wiki [carlisle]carlisle [WWW]link Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA
Philadelphia-City of Brotherly Love Wiki [philadelphia-cityofbrotherlylove]philadelphia-cityofbrotherlylove [WWW]link Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Philadelphia Wiki [philadelphia]philadelphia [WWW]link Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Pittsburgh Wiki [pittsburgh]pittsburgh [WWW]link Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Red Rose Wiki [redrosewiki]redrosewiki [WWW]link Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA
Tulpehocken Region Wiki [tulpehocken]tulpehocken [WWW]link Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania, USA

Rhode Island

About Short Name URL Community
JamestownRI [jamestownri]jamestownri [WWW]link Jamestown, Rhode Island, USA
Pawtucket Wiki [pawtucketri]pawtucketri [WWW]link Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Nashville LUG Wiki [nlug]nlug [WWW]link Nashville, Tennessee, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Corpus Christi, Texas [cctx]cctx [WWW]link Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Denton Wiki [dentonwiki]dentonwiki [WWW]link Denton, Texas, USA
Friendswood Wiki [fwd]fwd [WWW]link Friendswood, Texas, USA
The Houston Wiki [houston]houston [WWW]link Houston, Texas, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Provo Wiki [provo]provo [WWW]link Provo, Utah, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Burlington Wiki [burlington]burlington [WWW]link Burlington Vermont, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Arlington Virginia Wiki [arlingtonva]arlingtonva [WWW]link Arlington County, Virginia, USA
Charlottesville Wiki [charlottesville]charlottesville [WWW]link Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Fredericksburg VA Wiki [fredva]fredva [WWW]link Greater Fredericksburg Area, Virginia, USA
Hampton Roads Wiki [hamptonroads]hamptonroads [WWW]link the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Fox Cities Wiki [foxcitiesonline]foxcitiesonline [WWW]link Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
Green Bay Wiki [greenbay]greenbay [WWW]link Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
Madison Wiki [madison]madison [WWW]link Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Milwaukee Wiki [mkewiki]mkewiki [WWW]link Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


About Short Name URL Community
Bellevue Wiki [bellevue]bellevue [WWW]link Bellevue, Washington, USA
Bellingham Wiki [bellingham]bellingham [WWW]link Bellingham, Washington, USA
Oly Wiki [oly]oly [WWW]link Olympia, Washington, USA
Seattle Wiki [seattle]seattle [WWW]link Seattle, Washington, USA
Shoreline Wiki [shoreline]shoreline [WWW]link Shoreline, Washington, USA
Vancouver Washington Wiki [vancouverwa]vancouverwa [WWW]link Vancouver, Washington, USA
Washington State Information [washington]washington [WWW]link Washington, USA

Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia)

About Short Name URL Community
BloomingdaleDC [bloomingdaledc]Bloomingdaledc [WWW]link Bloomingdale, Washington, D.C., USA

Group Wikis

About Short Name URL Community
Ant Hill Co-op Wiki [anthill]anthill [WWW]link Cooperative housing in Rochester, NY
EnPSYCHlopedia [psych1]psych1 [WWW]link Harvard Psych 1 information wiki
Hillegass-Parker House Wiki [hip]hip [WWW]link Cooperative housing in Berkeley, CA
Les amis de Léo Drouyn [adld]adld [WWW]link Les amis de Léo Drouyn, Gironde, France
[WWW]Oakland Unified School District Parent/Family Resource Wiki [ousdparentresource]ousdparentresource [WWW]link Resources for Parents and Families of OUSD students
SARS [sars]sars [WWW]link Society for the Advancement of Recreational Statistics
Mrs. Phillips' History Wiki [wthistory]wthistory [WWW]link Pittsburgh, PA

Common Interest Wikis

About Short Name URL Interest
34dialog [34dialog]34dialog [WWW]link A free arts project
Better Together [belonging]belonging [WWW]link Developing a social change lab
Blacksmithing [blacksmithing]blacksmithing [WWW]link A blacksmithing reference resource
CaliforniaProLife [californiaprolife]californiaprolife [WWW]link California Pro Life Wiki
Calvary Chapel [calvarychapel]calvarychapel [WWW]link Calvary Chapel Wiki
Christian Music Central [christianmusiccentral]christianmusiccentral [WWW]link Christian Music Central
Democratic [democratic]democratic [WWW]link Democratic Wiki
Indexmod [indexmod]Indexmod [WWW]Site Index of art, fashion
haWiki [halblaut]halblaut [WWW]link "halblaut", called haWiki. A private project about mental disease & disorders
LBCHEW [lbchew]lbchew [WWW]link Linn Benton Christian Home Education Wiki
Mythos Wiki [mythos]mythos [WWW]link A full directory of Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythology
Orwell Wiki [orwell]orwell [WWW]link about Big Brother
OTRwiki [otr]OTR [WWW]link a wiki about Old Time Radio
PCT Wiki [pct]pct [WWW]link about the Pacific Crest Trail
Quest: the World [questtheworld]questtheworld [WWW]link The official database for the DreamLife Chronicle video games!
Rattypaedia [ratty]ratty [WWW]link Rattypaedia, in celebration of rats as pets
Recovering From Spiritual Abuse [recoveringfromspiritualabuse]recoveringfromspiritualabuse [WWW]link Recovering From Spiritual Abuse
SACHSN [sachsn]sachsn [WWW]link Salem Area Christian Home School Network Wiki
Storing Up Treasure In Heaven [storinguptreasureinheaven]storinguptreasureinheaven [WWW]link Storing Up Treasure In Heaven
Sustainability [sustainability]sustainability [WWW]link Sustainability Information
Sustainable and Community Nottingham [susnott]susnott [WWW]link Sustainable and Community Nottingham, East Midlands, England, United Kingdom
Адаптация [adaptation]Adaptation [WWW]Сайт Инструмент для работы над сценариями, пьесами и художественными текстами
Генератор писем [letter-generator]letter-generator [WWW]Сайт Создатель разнообразных шапок писем
["Pharyngula] [pharyngula]pharyngula [WWW]link A wiki on the blog Pharyngula

Topical Wikis

About Short Name URL Topic
Selection of Attractive States [bodhi]bodhi [WWW]link Experimental Psychology
Bodega Phylogenetics Wiki [bodegaphylo]bodegaphylo [WWW]link Phylogenetics
DNA Wiki [dnawiki]dnawiki [WWW]link Genetics and Biotechnology
Arquitectura de la Información Wiki [luisf]luisf [WWW]link Information architecture. Web 2.0 (Spanish)
Makten [makten]makten [WWW]link About power (Swedish)
MBA Wiki [mba]mba [WWW]link Business knowledge sharing
NPK [npk]npk [WWW]link Telephone Numbering Crisis
Stoic [stoic]stoic [WWW]link Stoicism and related philosophical and historical writings.

Project Wikis

About Short Name URL Brief Description
Canon Law Wiki [canonlaw]canonlaw [WWW]link A collaborative project to develop an online commentary on the Code of Canon Law of 1983.
Child-Development [child-development]child-development [WWW]link Community for child development for teachers information
City Wiki [citywiki]citywiki [WWW]link City Wiki - Template Repository for Local based wikis.
Encyclopedia Deceptica [deceptica]deceptica [WWW]link Encyclopedia Deceptica - A catalog of strategies for deception used in rhetoric, debate, politics and the media.
Iranian Politics Biographical Wiki [iran-bios]iran-bios [WWW]link A project to collect biographical information on those in power in Iran
LEAD Wiki [lead]lead [WWW]link UC Davis student government slate wiki.
Mars Geology Wikibook [mars]mars [WWW]link A wikibook project on our ever-evolving understanding of Mars geology.
New Jersey Voters Organization [the-voters-org]the-voters-org [WWW]link Government reorganization in New Jersey
Open Prosthetics Wiki [openprosthetics]openprosthetics [WWW]link A tool for the Open Prosthetics community to help educate amputees, prosthetic providers and manufacturers, the general public
Philosophical Investigations [philosophical-investigations]philosophical-investigations [WWW]link An open access, online, scholarly collaborative knowledge work, but a work that is not organized from A to Z, but as a network of interrelated questions
Playa Playing Cards [playaplayingcards]playaplayingcards [WWW]link An annual collaborative and interactive project for Burning Man
Slingshot [slingshot]slingshot [WWW]link The wiki of the open source computer game Slingshot.
Steal This Wiki [stealthiswiki]stealthiswiki [WWW]link Steal This Wiki (based on the 60's counter-culture book Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman)
Trigger Warnings Wiki [triggerwarnings]triggerwarnings [WWW]link Trigger Warnings Wiki - database of triggering movies and tv
Web Studio Community Wiki [webstudio]webstudio [WWW]link Community wiki for the web studio software
Wiki Gnome Headquarters [gnome]gnome [WWW]link Wiki Gnome Headquarters, providing support to all wikis.

Newly created wikis can be found at Recent Wikis, though they are unlikely to have much content yet.

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