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Wiki Gnome Headquarters

Wiki Gnome Headquarters
Resource for Wikis
Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards < AT timewarp DOT org>
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No nit too fine... no project too large. We are the Gnomes.

The Wiki Gnome Headquarters is a resource for all wikis, inside and outside of wikispot. It focuses on the tools to groom and grow wikis: content tools, social tools and people power resources. Many aspects overlap with all wikis, including the wikispot hub, but because of the specific focus, it is a good place to bring debates on points so fine they are no longer appropriate to the original wiki and have become a distraction. We are also happy to have non-wikispot wiki discussions and serve as a resource for multiple wiki editing.


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2008-03-17 07:16:38   Are the underpants gnomes welcome to join? —

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