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2015 Shutdown Notice


The service will be shutting down on April 1st, 2015. Please see below for some more information.

Can I get an export of the data in my wiki?

Yes. Please email before April 1st, 2015. Your email must include the URL of your site and be sent from the email address associated with your account. The export will be in the following XML file format:


PLEASE NOTE: I'll be processing more exports and sending them out late-late tonight (2015-3-30) or early tomorrow. Don't worry if you haven't gotten yours yet — I'll make sure everyone has an export before we flip the switches over here.

I have a locally or geographically-oriented wiki project I would like to migrate to LocalWiki

Oops! We should have already migrated the data, but it sounds like we forgot to. Please email with the name of the instance and we'll fix things up.

Why will the service be shut down?

A variety of reasons:

We've been slowly phasing our the service for years, so none of this should come as a surprise.

When will the service be shut down?

April 1st, 2015.

What will happen to the service after shut down?

No promises here, but time permitting, the service will be set to be a 100% static site, meaning some of the material will remain accessible for an indeterminate period of time. Editing and account creation will not continue to work, nor will viewing private or otherwise protected pages.

What are some alternatives to

If you search around for "wiki hosting" or "wiki farm" you can find some traditional options.

If you have a small group (e.g. a small co-op), consider simply using [WWW]Google Docs to manage your organization's information. If you need publicly-facing information, consider using Google Sites or some other website-builder service.

How can I transfer my information to a new service?

How you might do this will depend on what service you choose, how much information you have, how much you care about moving it elsewhere, and your personal technical chops. We can't provide technical assistance here, but we can provide a structured XML export of your data (see first question, above).

For a small amount of information (< 1000 pages), simply copying and pasting your information into a new provider will probably work great, and will be the fastest and least expensive all-around option for you. Search for "All Pages" to find the index of all pages in your wiki.

For a large amount of information, you may need to write a computer program to automate the transfer of the data, and you may need to make use of the export file we provide you. We cannot provide technical assistance here.

There is a converter to Mediawiki format here: [WWW] This software is now production ready. This software can also extract files if you're planning to move them to another wiki software, or for using Mediawiki as an intermediate format to convert to a third wiki format.

Can I run the software that powers somewhere?

Yes, in theory. You can find some information about the open-source software we wrote to power the service here:


However, we cannot provide you with technical assistance, so you're on your own here. We also strongly recommend migrating to a new service instead of running the old software.

Can I disable the shutdown notice on my wiki?

You are a responsible admin who has a backup plan — you don't need to scare all of your users! Just add this to your layout.css file (on the CSS Settings page of your wiki):

body > div:first-child { display: none }

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