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Davis Wiki
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[davis]Davis Wiki is a local wiki about the city of Davis, California.

See the Davis [davis]wiki history page for more in-depth historical information about the Davis Wiki.

Nearby Wikis

Davis is located in Yolo County, which has a wiki for each of the major cities. To the north is the county seat, represented by the Woodland Wiki. To the east, you can visit the West Sacramento Wiki, to the west Dixon Wiki, and finally the town of Winters has the Winters Wiki. The nearest major city is the state capitol located a bit farther to the east, over a river and in the next County, and is represented by the Sacramento Wiki.

Solano County Yolo County Sacramento County
Winters Wiki Woodland Wiki
Dixon Wiki Davis Wiki West Sacramento Wiki Sacramento Wiki
Vacaville Wiki

Other than wikis that are located geographically close, there are several wikis for various organizations within Davis and [davis]UC Davis, the local university.

UC Davis Political Groups



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2009-03-24 16:20:04   New user creation is broken. I'm logged in on Wiki Spot, but I get "Unknown username or wrong password." on the Davis Wiki!!

"New user? Click here to create an account!" When I click to create a new account, I'm told "Welcome". I do have an account and it works ... but not on the Davis Wiki. What gives?? —Kirk

Clear your cookies or chill out for an hour or so for the davis wiki specific cookie to clear out.

2011-11-09 15:54:28   The Salvation Army store in Woodland has fine clothing in great condition and for great prices. Well worth the stop. I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was and the quality they have. —DanielCameron

2011-11-20 15:37:04   When are you going to fire your Board of Regents and every one else in the administration for assaulting their students? —ReallyReallyMad

2012-02-08 02:30:20   Same problem as Kirk....

2012-03-13 22:24:30   Ahhhh....good old Davis Unified School District. Supposedly one of the best public school systems in the area...does everyone feel this way? Maybe we should ask Sam Shane?? Our local new guy how he likes it? I saw him down at the local Trader Joes and was seriously tempted to spark up a controversial debate about my feelings of how this district has effected my children s lives. What I have seen in this community of close nit "liberals" is discrimination, student harassment, and continued singling out of students based on their race, sex,sexual preference, educational levels, and financial status. I guess on paper Davis school districts are financially doing better that most area districts because of Measures like C and such. But ill bet if we took a closer look at the internal dynamics of schools like Emerson Junior High, we would ask ourselves... Extra Taxes???? For What? And another thing....why arent the schools, who are doing so much better financially, getting graded on their performance from the community which supports the parents!! I know I have never recieved Will someone please start a petition for will find out which schools are under performing ...and why! All I have to say is the staff makes the school!!!!! For some of you its time to retire, quit, or find another profession that best fits you and your growing lack of compassion for student growth and development. Stereotypical views, and back lash of a parents right to choose there childs school that is best fit for their personal needs in this community of "School supports and Measure C voters". —Stoneface

2013-06-21 17:02:16   I am an English language tutor looking for students who want to learn or improve their English. I am hoping to fill up my open slots for the summer. Each session is $35/hr. I create each lesson according to the language needs and goals of the student. If you are interested, please email me at mannix_sarah@yahoo.comSarahMannix

2013-06-27 19:46:32   I am starting an online yardsale group for davis and surrounding areas through facebook. It is an open group and free to join. Look up the group davis online yard sale or by my name christina thomas in davis. The more people the better. Thank you!! —NetworkVirus

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