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Interwiki Links


An interwiki link is a link to a page on another wiki. Here is an example of a link to the coffee page on the Davis Wiki: [davis]Coffee.

It is very easy to link to other Wiki Spot wikis. Simply write a link of the form [wiki:shortwikiname:"Name of page" descriptive text] to create an interwiki link. For example, to link to the Coffee House page on the Davis Wiki, with descriptive text "mmm delicious," you would write [wiki:davis:"Coffee House" mmm delicious], and that would produce [davis]mmm delicious.

Use spaces in your link just as you would in a page's title.

If you're linking to the Front Page of a wiki, you don't even need to specify the page name. [wiki:Chico] will get you: [chico]Chico.

Why use Interwiki links?

Linking between wikis is good for Wiki Spot as a whole, because we can grow and thrive off of each other's strong points. Interwiki links also show a small icon identifying the wiki. This icon is either an icon specific to the wiki (uploaded by an administrator of the wiki) or the default interwiki icon.

How can I figure out the shortname of a wiki?

For wikis that don't have their own domain name, their short name is whatever comes before "" in the URL. For wikis with their own domain name, their short name should be listed in their entry in the Wiki Directory.

Linking to non-Wiki Spot wikis

You can link to wikis that aren't a part of Wiki Spot, as well. To add the ability to link to a non-Wiki Spot wiki, add the name and the URL of the wiki to the "Interwiki Map" page of your wiki (follow the format on that page).

An example of a non-Wiki Spot wiki that is listed on the "Interwiki Map" page of all new wikis is the Wikipedia. Links can be made to Wikipedia by referring to "wikipedia" in the link, e.g. [wiki:wikipedia:"Main Page" main page on wikipedia] gives you [wikipedia]main page on wikipedia.

Interwiki Redirects

Just as you can redirect a page within a wiki, you can also redirect a page to another Wiki Spot wiki. Use the same syntax you would with set up an interwiki link, drop off the brackets, and add #redirect at the beginning of the line. For example, a redirect to [davis]Common Grounds ([wiki:Davis:"Common Grounds"]) would be:

#redirect wiki:Davis:"Common Grounds"

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