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Wiki Spot uses a [WWW]Creative Commons Attribution-By 3.0 license for all text, most images (some exceptions noted on individual images), and other content on the main Wiki Spot site (,, and — what you're reading now).

All other Wiki Spot sites are licensed as specified on each particular wiki. This may be different than the license used for the main Wiki Spot site.

If you want to use anything from the main Wiki Spot site, permission is already granted by the license — just make sure to attribute Wiki Spot for the content!

When you submit content to the main Wiki Spot site, you are agreeing that you have the right to use this content, and that you agree to publish it under the Creative Commons Attribution-By License. Any external images that you link to must note the copyright; otherwise, it is assumed that you are releasing it under the aforementioned license.

There is NO WARRANTY on any of the material you may find in Wiki Spot. We try to ensure our material is accurate and of the highest quality, but we are not responsible for any discomfort or potential injury that may befall you as a result of the content.

If you want to know more about other licenses available for wikis on Wiki Spot, see Choosing a license.

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