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Wairarapa Wiki
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[wairarapa]Tomvan Bodgraven
<tom AT bindu-design DOT co DOT nz>
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The [wairarapa]Wairarapa Wiki is about the Wairarapa, New Zealand a lush, green and unique region located in the south east corner of the North Island. Wairarapa is just over one hour from Wellington City, which is the capital of New Zealand, making Wairarapa an extremely accessible destination for all.

2007-10: Active


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2008-11-24 18:44:41   i <3 NZ

2008-12-26 20:06:48   Hi Tom, Just wondering how come Swordfish Designs still comes up on Google when I thought I had closed my spot? Its just that the details aren't correct anymore. Cheers Laura —

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