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I'm very interested in helping you if you're wanting to start or improve a local wiki project — get in contact, if so! My email is You should also fill out the "Help out & get more info" box" on [WWW]

I'm now devoting all of my time toward the [WWW]LocalWiki project. Get involved! For now, the best way to stay in the loop in the coming months is tob fill out the "help out and get more info" form at [WWW]


I am a recent graduate of [davis]UC Davis with a BS in Mathematics and I'm one of the founders of the Wiki Spot effort as well as the co-founder of the Davis Wiki. I do a lot of the programming stuff, basically.

I'm interested in photography, bicycling, [davis]choice voting, mathematics and coffee.

My contact information:, jabber: You can also just leave a note below and I'll see it!

If you need help with the service, please leave a comment on the FAQ page or email

My personal website is at [WWW] I also have a twitter account: [WWW]@philipn.

See also: [davis]my home on the Davis Wiki.

All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system,
there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless,
that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions and to consume.
--Noam Chomsky

[WWW]Support Net Neutrality!

Interesting fact: The average car releases 6.5 times its own weight in CO2 per year.

my to-do

Here's a wiki-related quote I like:

You have to wonder how many of the people who are righteously sucking the marrow of life from wiki entries would say they revere the writings of such literary journalist luminaries as Hunter S. Thompson or Ken Kesey. How many would say that they aspire to live bold lives and yet fear the mere existence of bold words. I'm not talking about thoughtless writing; I'll agonize over wording with the rest. But when the end result is bland boiled Walmart macaroni without even the reconstituted cheese sauce, I can't help but wonder if these people are living in and writing about a different Davis: one without the spice and art and a zeal for life that results in both the stupid and sublime. One with no sidewalk stencils or bizarrely build bicycles, no freak flag festivals or domestic domes. When the end reduction is a flavorless broth of business hours and carefully segregated reviews, one might as well just use the corporate provided yellow pages, written with the same formatted precision in any other town in America. At least you can be more confident that the phone numbers are up to date and not fear that the nutty men, women, children and emancipated dogs who actually comprise Davis might be reflected in your dry compendium of take out numbers.JabberWokky

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2007-03-31 00:06:22   If you have an old laptop, ... uhm, can I buy it perhaps? mobile computing would be awesome. —DavidPoole

2007-04-07 22:29:53   Thanks for the hint. Didn't realize that "home page" setting was there. —DavidGrundler

2007-04-19 16:31:18   Hmm okay, the white space deal is indeed a problem. There probably should be padding left in addition or something like that. In any case, we should add that with the changes that I propose to fix the quick edit. I believe it was to make the paragraph divs not have a width and set the overflow to be hidden, also to make images, and content, have a max-width of 100% (it just seemed logical) and a min-width to whatever the standard min on the page is (should be 400-600px). —DavidPoole

2007-04-28 01:22:47   Hey Philip, check it out: [WWW] Woohoo! —MaryLieth

2007-05-01 14:17:17   I think I made the bugs easier to track and cleared out all the fixed ones. By the way, I saw somebody who looked just like you on Penn State campus this morning — the clincher being the fact that they were carrying a camera bag. —JabberWokky

2007-05-02 15:08:47   Hey, a long awaited css fix for the damn unordered list, change wikipage li to be .wikipage li { margin-bottom: 0.25em;margin-left: 1em;} for it to not overlap to the left.. for some reason I only did this for the ul and ol rather than the list items. —DavidPoole

2007-05-18 15:53:08   re: [gnome]Building Community — I really need to start checking the hub for stuff like that. :) Let me sit on it for a couple days and see if I can (in my free time, 15 days away from my wedding!) flesh out the outline so when it gets moved over it has more substance. The stuff there right now is just a mental dump from a 3x5 card I jotted some ideas onto while sitting at a cafe. After I get through the wedding and honeymoon, I promise to look both ways before I edit. I do find it amusing that the title was the same. —JabberWokky

2007-05-21 09:34:18   Checking into it, midis cannot be run using css that way, there are a few proposals that would make it work, I will wait till css3 is working, just biding my time. Also, that is indeed an awesome photo. —DavidPoole

2007-06-03 02:58:19   re: Halloween. You're funny :-P And I thought I had yet another irate CSU Chico student on my hands! —RyanMikulovsky

2007-06-06 05:31:13   I just had an amazing idea for a new mapping system that is independent of google maps, and allows for free mapping system. —DavidPoole

2007-06-13 13:28:55   A few of us are trying to set up a wiki for our town and I may need some help. Wiki spot seems to offer a lot, but I am finding it a little confusing to use. —Libby

2007-07-03 17:22:07   Thanks for the tips Philip, -gordon- (webstudio wiki) —Gord

2007-07-08 04:12:22   You were right about the preference sticking. I'll keep my eye out, but it is working as you described. —JasonAller

2007-07-08 21:41:11   Nuke that wiki if you want if off of recent wikis. Either way, I set the delete flag. —BrentLaabs

2007-07-26 22:16:07   Thanks for your advice on the CC licensing, Philip! —Steinborn

2007-08-06 00:41:06   Philip, thanks for the [[Include]] hint—which makes nested tables possible!

I see Wikispot has progressed since the ROCwiki code fork, but i cannot see where to rename pages. Nor do [wiki:wikipedia] links work. Are these being addressed? —JohnLam

2007-08-06 17:19:05   Didn't think this was one for the bug page, but a question nonetheless: is there a limit to the number of points the gmap can display? I'd been annoyed that you can't see businesses w/ the same street address (see stuff around [davis]Fifth Street Plaza), so I got the bright idea to map in the latitude/longitudes for all of them. Hit the last one on the list (Stone's) and suddenly the map won't load. Other areas around town (but further away) still will, and take the point out and it loads again. —KevinChin

2007-08-09 02:06:28   Do you think a page for the 49 mile drive would be good for [sf]sf? Maybe with [WWW]this link? —JasonAller

2007-08-31 21:41:03   Hi there Thanks for your advice. The whole thing is a bit new to me
Phil —DeeDoo

2007-09-01 14:19:32   Hi I'm not sure I understand whether I need DeeDoo/users page or not. I don't think so. Unless U can explain what is the use of the userpage (personal page presentation ?), perhaps you could just cancel it (I could not myself: not gifted enough yet). Another thing: when i log in and search for my wiki (Deedoo or Weblex), I can hardly find it in the response, and I have to go to the wikidirectory: did I do smthg wrong ? How could I make it quicker ?
And finally, thanx: I love Ur stuff.
p —DeeDoo

2007-09-05 05:52:38   Hey Philip, I was thinking that a site tracking tool would be useful to track traffic from online communities. How would I go about including the javascript required for something like Google Analytics? Thanks in advance. —MasumiWatanabe

2007-09-07 04:09:19   Oh good, I wasn't sure if it got where it was supposed to go. Glad you like it, hey it's the least I can do because you spent some time coming on my show, plus, you've made it a breeze to start new wikis. So I sent the good stuff*

*It's all the good stuff. —KarlMogel

2007-09-08 04:09:41   Thanks Philip! It's still a draft version and we'll be working on cranking out a bunch of different themed ones just for fun. Also, I wanted to let you know that I'm in the process of getting a press release approved for two local newspapers in West Sacramento. We also have an article going out on a publication that will be distributed to all businesses and residents. All of which will be distributed at the end of this month. =) —MasumiWatanabe

2007-09-11 05:04:56   Hey Philip - that's kind of weird how people keep messing with the front page of wikispot! Like it's their personal playground. Perhaps the front page should be restricted to administrators or something? I can't imagine the front page being updated too often - and its a pretty important one to keep from being changed, because new people would be first visiting there most likely. —KarlMogel

2007-09-11 21:26:47   dude, you move too quickly for me! i'll get my email address up there, just gimme a sec! ;) i left a comment on nathan's wikispot page about collaborating. thanks again for the help! and thanks for co-founding daviswiki. it spoiled me for life, hence my need for a walnut creek wiki. —JennSuzuki

2007-09-14 01:30:04   Thy bidding is done. Soon our wiki takeover of the world will be complete. —KarlMogel

2007-09-14 16:25:09   Weird - someone else seemed to think that the Wikispot pages were their own. I wonder if there's something that can be done to make it more clear for people who are just joining up? —KarlMogel

2007-09-19 23:50:59   Thanks a bunch - Bug B Gone! Hey its good SO preemptively banned me from his empire because no one else seemed to notice the bug, or say anything about it. —KarlMogel

2007-09-23 22:16:43   Hi Philip,

interested in meeting with some moin devs? Details see there: [WWW]


MoinMoin:ThomasWaldmann —

2007-09-28 20:16:31   Regarding the DavisWiki screen layout bug which you said you couldn't reproduce: Bug found; see bug reports page. -SteveDavison —SteveDavison

2007-10-02 16:35:51   Hah! I had already added it to the Interwiki Map page, thinking it was just a page to record relevant wikis. Thanks! (Man, this wiki system seems more and more versatile at every turn...) —KarlMogel

2007-10-03 14:06:02   Oh now that's just typical - wikispot already has the capability to make includes justify to the right! Is there any function you won't foresee? :) Next thing I'll hear is that wikispot makes a mean cup of coffee - and then my skills will be useless. Thanks, Ace! —KarlMogel

2007-10-03 19:30:48   Hey, Philip. Thanks for all you do. Amid all the "somebody should do something" chatter, you did. Cool. —JabberWokky

2007-10-05 18:19:42   Thanks again. —KarlMogel

2007-10-12 01:26:12   Yeah, I've been playing with how best handle profiles with Interwiki gnoming. I'd like to try and have a setup wherein I have a Davis profile and a Wikispot hub profile... the problem is that people on Davis get the Wikispot profile and leave a message. As I gnome the hub (slowly working my way through the Directory), I'd rather have a distinct profile for general wikispot use. I've been slowly revolving my settings and profiles trying to find the ideal setup for "heavily active on one wiki, lightly active on other wikis and (eventually) heavily active on the hub". —JabberWokky

2007-11-06 17:33:21   Thanks! I think I just figured out an issue I was having with fonts, too. Let me know if the ability to change cell styles within a table is possible in the future. —KarlMogel

2007-11-06 20:36:48   You know, you had the power to change the Madison Wiki css yourself all this time. Just click your heels, err, click edit, cuz you're an admin. Heh. —KarlMogel

2007-11-16 21:37:03   Hello there!

Our Oneonta Region wiki is going swimmingly! Now I want to share administrative rights with a couple of other peope, but don't know how to do this.

Thanks for your amazing contribution to our little community!

Jennie Williams of wikispot oneonta region

2007-11-17 01:52:03   .mp3? Stallman wouldn't approve. :-P —WilliamLewis

2007-11-24 12:12:05   Hi I finally got the scholarship I was expecting, so I'll shortly be able to contribute financially to wikispot
Now, I would like to ask you the following question: could I ask you for a programming service/special help in exchange for some more money maybe ?
It would be about the translation problem of my wiki (refa): so far, I use "This page in German/French" sentence, but I would find it great to systematically have a couple of flags on the toolbar in order not to have this "mirroring" device appear on the text-content itself.
Can we : not even think about it / not even mention it / talk about it / plan it / do it ?
Best —

2007-11-26 08:43:53   —Yes. But where would the Macro-symbol appear ? When on the page, then it takes too much space (like here, top right: [WWW] Could it be on the toolbar, then, next to the "talk" symbol for instance (thus easily at hand, any time)? Best

2007-12-07 05:02:54   Hey Philip, I just came across this video: [WWW]5 min - Wikis in plain English. Check it out! —KarlMogel

2007-12-16 07:43:22   Hey, I noticed your testing on default. Awhile back I created [ebg13]ebg13 for oddball testing of things where you don't want to mess with the RC or content of a useful wiki, especially testing automated tools and the like. Just tossing it out as a resource if you ever want to use it. —JabberWokky

2007-12-22 04:15:05   I always type it "wikispot" or "wiki spot" for a fairly simple reason — the logo is lowercase. :) Always use the largest example seems not to be the best choice in this case. —JabberWokky

2008-01-16 03:00:47   Thanks for your help, Philip! Obviously, I am a novice! Peggy Mayfield (Child-Development) —PeggyMayfield

2008-02-20 18:55:45   Best. Revert. Comment. Ever. —JabberWokky

2008-02-23 04:25:48   Congratulations! —JasonAller

2008-03-01 04:24:19   I am the creator of "Great Speeches and Interviews". Do you recall my question earlier this week? It was "Why isn't Great Speeches and Interview on the SacWiki All Pages"? Well I straightened the problem out by making a page on SacWiki but now it is gone. I know you mean well but its causing a problem. Are you going to return the page to SacWiki or do you have another solution? By the way was my editing today destroyed? —sgl

2008-03-05 13:44:02   Hi Mr. Neustrom, thanks for visiting the page! As I told you and Mr. Aller, who has visited my page I am brand new to wikis and would appreciate all the help you can give. Were you the one who put the comment box on my site? I haven't done a template yet so I realize you didn't know how to contact me. I am aware that I am on wikispot, I called it JamestownRI because there are other Jamestowns out there so I needed to pinpoint it geographically. Davis does the same. Can I contact you for help? Today I am breaking up my 6th grades to do research on the town, assign jobs for them, go over how to gather information, etc. In the meanwhile I intend to practice and get better at manipulating the wiki so that when the kids are ready to start I'm ready too. This is so exciting! It will be a wonderful project that I think will take off in a few months and morph into a real community asset. Thanks for visiting and my email is Please email me! Thanks,
Lisa —Librarian

2008-03-11 04:06:01   Would you happen to know who the admins of the Santa Cruz Wiki are? An artist has had his work put up there and wants it deleted for good. It looks entirely legitimate, but I can't figure out who the admins are for that wiki (I thought AlexDarocy was, but he isn't). (Update: Trying to get in touch with BenChaney) —JabberWokky

2008-03-25 13:53:17   what i like sandwiches too —

2008-03-30 10:12:51   Thanks for the note re: camel case. I think the reason I did them like that was to distinguish (for myself at least) in thelink command between the page name and the link that appears on the page, if you get what I mean. I have changed the other as you suggested.

As for the WYSIWYG thing, everybody loves a WYSIWYG! The trouble with all the ones I tried, was that the functionality for tables worked in none of them. It was either unresponsive inside the WYSIWYG, or what I saw wasn't what I got! I will watch you developments with interest.

On a more general note, I was wondering if there is a way to include something similar to the wikipedia infobox?


Brendan —tattrat

2008-04-04 15:18:29   thx Philip I'm enjoying your creation
looking forward to full backup capability —Develine

2008-04-08 12:05:11   hello there! Jennie from Oneonta Region. I just read your comments, (YIKES, from November, sorry) and will try to institute them within the next month, perhaps I will ask for your assistance if I have trouble. Thanks for the wonderful place, its really starting to be helpful to people.
Your friend
Jennie —oneontaregion

2008-04-14 16:47:16   I didn't know what to do about the orange flower image itself, I thought it was being left up for a reason - just wanted to change the name. —KarlMogel

2008-04-19 23:47:45   hello and thank you from Oneonta Wiki...I'm getting some help from a computer person on your advice, which believe it or not I don't quite know quite enough to implement....they don't do IQ tests when they hand out the computers. But will eventually implement and thanks!

Jennie —oneontaregion

2008-06-10 14:20:44   Wow! I have a sleeve to that chair I found here a few weeks ago, but I lack the chair itself. I used it on a trip recently to carry stuff. —JabberWokky

2008-06-13 13:47:19   Hey, could you please delete the spam image [WWW]here? —JabberWokky

2008-07-14 20:11:55   Hey Philip. Thanks for noticing me ;) I have a bunch of experience with pmwiki and mediawiki, and have to explore wikispot more. I wanted a remotely-hosted solution. There are some questions I have which i can't seem to find answers to. I have added them at the Community Discussion page —davidbessler

2008-07-29 23:34:54   hello there! yes, this is jennie of ONEONTA REGION, and SORRY that I'm not doing what I should. YES!!!

I will add your name, as requested.


Yours truly
Jennie —

2008-08-01 14:12:46   I'm hoping it's more like Gandalf following those who might be in need, ready to assist with Great Eagles. In reality, it's more like driving along a backwoods highway, stopping at each little town and poking around. People are neat. And of course, on a practical basis, it's to make sure that no novices have their wiki swamped by spam or leave in frustration because they can't figure out how to do something. —JabberWokky

2008-08-18 19:25:22   Can you turn on ucdgsa now? —BrentLaabs

2008-08-21 19:21:50   I can't find where I posted it, but if you run across the Bug Report I made about Saves very very occasionally not occurring, I haven't seen that bug in quite awhile. I'm pretty sure it was real and not a figment of my imagination, but it seems to have been resolved somewhere down the line. —JabberWokky

2008-08-30 21:19:09   I think an illuminated "what is a wiki, what is a wiki page" entry is called for. Possibly even a video introduction. :) —JabberWokky

2008-09-04 04:19:06   Is there anything that I could look to correlate it to, or is there already an idea of what the problem is? —JabberWokky

2008-09-06 07:42:32   I pretty much never see more than around ten wikis active on the IWRC. Would that mean that only ten blobs are being loaded and sorted, or are all blobs in the last x days loaded and sorted and filtered? If the former, it's not likely bad. For the latter, I'd still guess it's less than 25 data structures that are dealt with... unless it's loading 800+ blobs, the majority of which are empty and sorting through them all... which easily could be a very questionable load. It is doing the 800+ thing. The reason why is because it's just asking for the recent changes, and the recent changes is set up so it always shows changes for the past two days. Fixing that, as a parameter or something, would probably make it faster.

On a semi-related note, have you thought about implementing captcha on non-logged comments (or preferably something more transparent)? If you don't have the time, I'll take a crack at it in the next week and also look at the IWRC code and either confirm it's okay, fix it or figure out another way to interwiki gnome. —JabberWokky

2008-09-09 19:35:45   Philip, I am an idiot. The first link, of course, right at the top, and clearly marked. I have no idea how I missed it when I went through and tried flipping all the settings. That's why I didn't bring the subject up for a couple days — I had figured it was on my end. And it was. Thanks for the help.

2008-10-11 10:55:35   uh..Phil-[WWW] fixed —BlueDot

2008-10-16 16:28:27   Hey, what was the problem with Ed's account? It might be a good idea to toss it on the FAQ if it can affect people so we can all watch for it and try to assist fellow editors. —JabberWokky

2008-10-21 03:07:28   Yes, I'm still working on incorporation. Though I hit a small snag: we're doing remodeling, and I haven't had electrical power to my computer for the last two weeks. The state tax exemption is mostly done except for the budget, and I'm ready to go on the federal. I need another certified copy of the Articles (do you have it?), and we should have our first meeting before submitting the federal forms. Did PaulHarms ever talk to you about the budget or not? Let's schedule a board meeting in November when both of us will be a little more free. —BrentLaabs

2008-10-21 21:29:27   First of all, Wiki Spot is awesomely useful... thanks for all the work you're doing. Second, can I get a backup of [WWW] ? Thank you. I only need the current content, not the history of revisions. - william.j.turkel —william.j.turkel

2008-11-04 17:53:36   Hi. I have been working on a page on [WWW]Bicycle Hazards in Davis, and I found a bug in WikiSpot's translation software. If a title is hyperlinked, it does not show up properly in the table of contents.

2009-02-17 07:30:21   Greetings PN, I am wondering if I have done everything that I need to do in order to get [WWW] pointed in the right direction ([WWW] Be well, —

2009-02-23 23:48:59   We're ([hsl]hsl) starting to get serious about doing backups. Poking around, three options appear to exist— ask you, using Joe Wells script, or JabberWokky's spotget. For starters, I'm not sure we have anyone who would know how to run a script, so unless there's another option, I guess this is a request for a manual backup. Thanks —Mwanner

2009-03-08 06:49:12   test. —PhilipNeustrom

2009-03-08 06:52:23   newwordneverseen here —PhilipNeustrom

2009-03-08 07:03:13   test —PhilipNeustrom

2009-03-08 12:54:16   Congratulations on the successful move! I notice that you restored several pages in our [hsl]wiki during the move. Which kinda raises the issue of a backup another notch. Advice? —Mwanner

2009-03-13 18:46:55   Thank you for letting me know that some of my stuff was left in limbo during the server move ... I've restored it - william.j.turkel —william.j.turkel

2009-03-18 21:06:39   [WWW]This and [WWW]this are starting to worry me a bit. (cc: Amit and Philip) —JabberWokky

2009-04-01 07:53:04   Thanks again for granting me admin power on Irvine Wiki. I also recognized the location of the picture of the lawn chair. —Mateo

2009-04-27 20:19:57   Philip, Ant Hill would like to see our [WWW] data and gain control over how Google presents results. We have never been a hostel, but we currently appear #1 in a Google search for “hostel Rochester”. As a result, residents have complained about creepy characters appearing at our door to stay. I've already addressed some misleading sites, but would like to see other top queries and remove misleading entries from the Google index.

I saw your note in the Change Log about Google Webmasters, but couldn't you let wiki admins install 011234google01234.html filenames? —JohnLam

2009-06-11 22:06:19   While I don't mind stomping the gambling spam in the short term, seems like we might finally have an autospammer locked on us. —JabberWokky

2009-07-01 03:07:50   Hello Philip. My name is Kevin Eldridge. I am the current President of Nashville Linux Users Group (2009 - 2010). You are hosting our group's web site, The problem lies in that the Previous Vice-President (2007 - 2008), Matthew Craig, no longer lives in Tennessee and we are not able to reach him. How hard would it be to change him from being the owner of the site to me? That way I can delegate responsibilities to the NLUG cabinet members.

Thank you very much for your help —CRasH180

2009-07-01 21:14:33   Hi there. I am moving my wiki, and am hoping you could export the contents and history of [WWW] for me. Thanks for your help! —MichaelDruker

2009-09-04 19:32:31   Hi, I would like to get a backup of the current content our wiki: colbycurtis/ Thanks! —

2009-09-04 19:34:20   Oups! Forgot to login! Please send the colbycurtis wiki backup to me. —karlbourassa

2009-09-12 13:14:32   Hi Philip, could you please get me a backup of [WWW] Just the current contents are enough. I really appreciate the nice work you are doing. Thanks, —vijaymathew

2009-09-20 22:06:32   I also added his IP. —JabberWokky

2009-09-24 01:47:47   Hi. The domain name for the Santa Cruz Wiki has expired. —AlexDarocy

2009-09-25 02:38:13   Thanks! As much as I like wikis, I'd have to admit I like babies more. —AlexDarocy

2009-09-29 20:15:17   Hi Philip, could I please get a backup of the data of the wiki. Thanks! —karlbourassa

2009-11-01 22:50:28   Yes, that edit I'm about to make is intended to be amusing. It's cryptic enough to read into, so I didn't want to you take it otherwise. —JabberWokky

2009-12-09 05:23:45   Nice edits with Community Guidelines/Business promotion questions. Thanks for getting the 501(c)(3) process finished. —JasonAller

2009-12-13 20:46:56   Hello, I see that you often deal with custom domain names; may I ask you to do what's necessary to have my new domain name,, instead of

I realize that I should not have followed the advice from EasyDNS, it mixed things and people up (see talk page). I believe I do have the proper set up on my end (i.e. linking to, forwarding...) and that i simply have to wait for wikispot to set things on its end. Thanks for your attention. —PerigGouanvic

2009-12-13 23:21:47   THANK YOU!!! THAT WAS SUPER FAST! MERRY HOLIDAYS —PerigGouanvic

2009-12-14 01:29:36   and, btw, i can volunteer for some translation to French... —PerigGouanvic

2010-01-08 00:43:55   We really need somebody with sysadmin access (or interwiki-powers) to sweep through the serious, locked down cases on Abuse. [medsguider]No Interwiki entry for: medsguider, and I'm ashamed we're hosting it (not to mention the fact that we legally shouldn't be). —JabberWokky

2010-01-21 06:06:39   I can't believe you are still trying to brush off your abuse of the Turtle House. You had many other choices, and destruction of the lock is not the only problem with what was done, the router was also damaged. You act like there was no reason for the lock to be there, when in fact the reason was to prevent people from messing with the router exactly as you did. The permission of the residents doesn't count for anything because they are tenants and don't own the box, the lock, or the equipment that was damaged. Only Harrington could have given you permission to plug in to the router, and he was the one who asked for it to be locked in the first place. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-02-06 15:57:36   Thanks for pointing me back to ten word wiki. I found it myself but nice to know someone took an interest. It is pretty easy to cross over the wiki boundaries and not even notice. —zardozcs

2010-02-08 00:16:03   When I used to be an admin on a forum, links were inevitably followed by spam from the same poster. —WilliamLewis

2010-03-20 07:06:08   Ph —

2010-06-01 09:41:18   It's about time to clear out the "Commercial Gain beyond editor intervention" wikis on Abuse again. —JabberWokky

2010-06-06 19:26:24   Dear Philip, do you can create a backup of my wiki (with all content) please. That whould be very nice. —Tobster

2010-06-26 13:03:32   I'm on the phone with my father, and he's the third person who couldn't figure out what the Davis Wiki was in the last couple days, saying "all I see is a plea to donate and a picture of a fire hydrant". One person (who is an award winning journalist) left the site and emailed me back telling me to let them know when there was some content.

Can we please move that damn video into a sidebar so people new to the wiki can find the actual wiki itself? The size and position seems to be causing serious confusion, despite the awesomeness it carries. Maybe replace the featured entry? —JabberWokky

2010-07-19 23:46:09   Phil-it was great talking to you Friday night! Thx for taking the time! —Users/PeterBoulay

2010-08-31 06:19:50   On the page at: [WWW] I think I somehow messed up your line of text while adding another below it. Don't know how it happened, but the current page has the Windows comment TWICE and yours is missing. Can you fix this, please? Thanks. —LoisRichter

2010-09-01 14:17:41   The sites look good on the 4G Epic. Pretty, pretty wikis.... —

2010-09-12 20:50:56   Psst... on the Davis Wiki, the banner says you have three days left to pledge. —JabberWokky

2010-09-12 20:51:30   Uhhh... it did a second ago. How many banners are there? —JabberWokky

2010-09-12 20:52:09   I know I was just looking at one that read three days, but I can't find it. —JabberWokky

2010-09-13 14:11:23   Bleeding awesome... the [WWW] site is entirely down today. I was going to look up the exact time for a logo, but can't. Nor can anybody make donations. —JabberWokky

2010-09-13 14:36:06   (It's back up... but it's annoying to see instability on the last day). —JabberWokky

2010-09-28 20:22:42   Just in case you missed it, there are two conversations occurring at once on Using a custom domain name. Did you check/setup as well? —JabberWokky

2010-10-07 19:31:41   Hi Philp, you are really doing nice piece of work, I highly appreciate your efforts. I have been working on these two wikis ([WWW] & [WWW], could you please send me the backups for these. If possible and you could please teach me how to take backup of our wikis by our self that will be fantastic. Thanks. —masif

2010-11-05 17:34:19   Hi Philip, thanks for the help! One other thing— occasionally when I load a larger than usual photo, it will show up fine in the thumbnail, but the image page itself holds only the image title (example [WWW]here). This always seems to clear up by the next day. This example is one where I first deleted the original image and then loaded a new version, and I'm not sure whether it ever happens on a brand new upload. Is there a way to avoid this? —Mwanner

2010-12-13 09:50:20   Is anyone left working on Sycamore, as I won't mind helping development? —Jonpatterns

2010-12-16 02:41:33   Hey Philip! Thanks for the comment and help with images. I'm just getting the hang of wiki formatting! Since your family lives in the Eugene-Springfield area, do you have any ideas where we might find other folks willing to be early wiki builders? I have some leads, but I would like find more. I have read you don't want to publicize the wiki too early, but a core group of wiki builders would be great. —Innisfree

2010-12-30 14:59:34   Hi Phil, I added a Wikispot entry to a Wikipedia page I bumped into called [wikipedia]Comparison of wiki farms. You might want to have a look in case I got something wrong. —Mwanner

2011-02-07 17:20:15   Hey, Philip - I just left you a voice mail. Can you give me a quick call? This morning would be better for me than this afternoon (as my Monday afternoons tend to bog down). (814) 889-8845. Thanks! —JabberWokky

2011-05-17 17:30:13   Hi Philip,


I noticed that there are quite a few new wiki sites created recently on wikispot that do not meet the "community guidelines".  As I see it, they are mainly created to generate a better search engine ranking for their websites (basically spam).  Most of the sites have only one page created within the wiki, with content from one of their webpage copy/pasted to the wiki page containing links to their website, while leaving the front page untouched (to make it to look as though there was no activity on the site).  I've deleted/reverted the spam content from most of the sites listed, but the wiki site itself still remains on the server, and should be removed.  I found one wiki with over 2,200 pages of spam on it: [truetrue]truetrue.

Here is the list of the other wikis:
[engagementrings]engagementrings [weddingentertainmentsussex]weddingentertainmentsussex [prepaidcellphoneplans]prepaidcellphoneplans
[hartzfleatick]hartzfleatick [hartzfleacontrol]hartzfleacontrol [paydayloans251]paydayloans251
[wedding-dj]wedding-dj [weddingbands01]weddingbands01 [weddingsurrey]weddingsurrey
[weddingentertainmentlondon]weddingentertainmentlondon [wedding-entertainment-kent]wedding-entertainment-kent [a6paydayloansonline]a6paydayloansonline
[whey-protein01]whey-protein01 [whatistaurine]whatistaurine [taurinesupplement]taurinesupplement
[taurinesideeffects]taurinesideeffects [taurinebenefits]taurinebenefits [ltyrosinesideeffects]ltyrosinesideeffects
[nm1827]nm1827 [hh1827]hh1827 [jj1827]jj1827
[nn1827]nn1827 [mm1827]mm1827 [ltyrosinebenefits]ltyrosinebenefits
[ccreatineethylester]ccreatineethylester [callingcard]callingcard [creatineethylester]creatineethylester
[callrecording]callrecording [creatineethylestersideeffects]creatineethylestersideeffects [chichesterlocksmiths]chichesterlocksmiths
[cowplainlocksmiths]cowplainlocksmiths [l-taurine]l-taurine

There is probably more sites, but these are the more recent ones I've checked out.  Maybe its time to go through the server and purge all the wiki sites used for spamming.

Thanks for all your excellent your work!

2011-05-18 02:43:06   Hey, are you on that mega spammer? —JabberWokky

2011-05-18 02:50:10   Thanks, looks like AvalonStaffs is good to go... should be safe to reenable! —TomGarberson

2011-06-28 02:38:09   Thanks! It has been a blast! —

2011-07-16 03:01:17   Phil—I'm at work. I have to save every few minutes or I lose my screens. Sorry.... —Users/PeterBoulay

2011-10-06 21:06:38   Phil—I wanted to publically thank you for the encouragement on SacWiki. Despite the misgivings and negative assumptions by others, the Wiki is being cleaned up and is thriving. A great deal of it being headed up by my new co-admin [WWW]Nicholas Barry who is a huge support!!!! —Users/PeterBoulay

2011-10-16 03:10:36   Phil-left you an email the other day. Was curious—on sacwiki—is there a way to track hits/visitors on the site? —Users/PeterBoulay

2011-10-31 16:01:44   Hello! Thank you for wikispot! I just setting up my site. I have xml file with content of my old wiki. May I ask you for help to import it to my.wikispot? Best AndreiDei —AndreiDei

2011-12-10 20:47:34   I usually try to let trolls burn themselves out with no angry response before banning them. The pushback feeds their desire for attention (and the accounts proliferate). Killing their reward (playing mind games and trying to circumvent admins) tends to kill the troll. I locked the page and banned the IP, too... I'll unlock the entry later today, and remove the IP ban in a day or so. —JabberWokky

2012-07-02 22:08:26   Hi Philip, could you give me a backup of the current contents of [WWW] when you have a chance? Thank you. —BobThomson

2012-11-21 04:07:09   Philip, it's time for a major "housecleaning" of all the s.e.o. spamming wiki sites. I listed them on the abuse page. There are over 728 of them, from the beginning of the year till now... A number of sites are still active because editing is locked.

2012-12-06 00:19:25   Philip, the Help with Editing page needs to be temporarily locked from editing because of spambot spamming, or the IP addresses:,, and needs to be blocked... —tcnsc

2012-12-06 03:19:27   Done. Thank you. —PhilipNeustrom

2013-01-06 18:03:37   Happy New Year!  It's time to shut down the last 136 s.e.o. spamming wiki sites for 2012, listed on the abuse page.

2013-02-26 15:02:46   Your recent Site News entry lists the wrong year "2012". You must have had a long day... :) —tcnsc

2013-02-26 19:29:01   Hello, I'd like to get a backup of [WWW], when you have time. Is it possible to do the backup myself? Thanks! —LucyFrey

2013-03-08 21:40:58   Philip, I have added a list 187 new s.e.o. spamming sites for January/February 2013, on the abuse page for removal. —tcnsc

2013-03-19 03:30:07   Philip- The number of "non-spam" sites created vary greatly each month.  I would say it's between 100 to just under 200 per month, but out of those created, less than 25% of them ends up having any kind of follow-up activity on the site.  Of course on the other hand, 99% of the spamming sites created have activity on their sites!

One note, I not sure if there has been any new wiki sites created in the last couple of weeks.  I think none maybe since when the WikiSpot server went down...(a technical problem?)

2013-09-09 16:54:38   Philip- You may want to lock out the wikispot site temporarily because of spambot spamming... —tcnsc

2014-05-07 10:27:05   Hey Philip, there's about 30 different wiki sites that are being spammed on a daily basis for the last few weeks. Seems like most of them are originating from IP address: —tcnsc


2014-11-01 19:41:23   Hello sir! I have sent you an e-mail regarding something that needs to be deleted.
If you could please respond ASAP I would be very grateful.
Thanks! —robfox2

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