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Hey jon, re: "Is the new software for LocalWiki based on Sycamore, will it be development communally or in house to begin with and will WikiSpot be upgraded to the new LocalWiki software?"

The new software will be entirely new, built on the Django framework (not based on our very old Sycamore work). There's a bit more information in [WWW]this blog post. The development will be both community and in-house (we have funds for two developers at the moment).

As far as, we're not sure. We are focused on the new stuff right now rather than worrying a lot about converting legacy sites over from the get-go. We will be porting over the local projects over at some point, but it depends on a variety of factors. —PhilipNeustrom

2010-12-13 21:45:51   Sycamore is no longer actively maintained and hasn't been for several years. We are hard at work on the new wiki software, which you'll be able to contribute to in a couple of weeks (working out licensing issues, as noted in that blog post). —PhilipNeustrom

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