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Wiki Spot Incorporation


Part of our organizational plans.

Incorporation is the process of incorporating with the state and gaining 501(c)3 (or other non-profit) status. The plan at this point is to form a California non-profit public benefit corporation that will apply for 501(c)(3) status. There are a few steps involved, such as incorporation with the state to become a "thing" and applying for non-profit tax status. We're calling all of these things "incorporation" for the purposes of this page. The "thing-a-nation" of Wiki Spot, if you will.

Current status: We've created a wiki, [board]board, where we're starting to hash this stuff out. Unfortunately, a great deal of the documents involved require personal information, so many of the pages and files are not public. If you want to help out then leave your name below and we'll probably add you to the allowed viewer list.

We're currently incorporated and are in the process of getting things in order and applying for 501(c)3 tax status.

I want to help:

This is a Wiki Spot wiki. Wiki Spot is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps communities collaborate via wikis.