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Hello there!

I realized, naive computer person that I am, that I was not yet on a wiki....but here it is. Go to the following URL, you may have to create an account to edit it.


Yours with a virtual hug
Jennie Williams
at joe kurhajecs.jpg

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frooby froo and hubey too...

a test...
and another test...


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2007-10-09 19:47:44   Are you looking to create a wiki for the Oneonta community? If so, you'll want to go to the Create a wiki page.

2007-10-12 01:49:08   Welcome to Wiki Spot! If you have any questions feel free to head over to our Community Discussion page (we have a mailing list there, too). Also check out the FAQ. Best, —PhilipNeustrom

2007-10-27 00:22:26   Hey Jennie, I noticed you uploaded tinylogo.jpg and logo.jpg files to the wiki settings images page — you'll need those to be .png files for them to show up. You'll also probably have to experiment a bit with color schemes, etc to get a logo to look proper up top. Best! —PhilipNeustrom

2007-11-16 22:09:30   Hey Jennie, you should take a look at Help for Wiki Administrators — in particular the "global settings" area. What you'll want to do is just add their user names into the "Admin" group. Best, —PhilipNeustrom

2007-11-16 22:43:02   BTW, I'd suggest removing some of the page tabs at the top of the wiki. I've got a small screen and they smash together for me because there's so many. On my tiny screen it looks like you'd need to remove about 4 of the tabs for the layout to look good. Best, —PhilipNeustrom

Same here... it wraps for me right after "Barn" in "Barn Raising". —JabberWokky

Do you need help doing this?PhilipNeustrom

2007-12-12 05:39:15   Also, if you use a transparent logo it'll match the background color perfectly in different browsers. Here's a transparent version I made real quick:


Just download the logo to your computer and then go to the Wiki Settings Images page and click on the current logo then 'replace' the logo with the transparent version.

Best, PhilipNeustrom

2008-07-16 02:33:37   If you want, you could add me as an admin of oneontaregion temporarily and I could fix up the tabs and the logo. Just add my name, PhilipNeustrom, into the Wiki Settings security area under "Admins." —PhilipNeustrom

2008-08-15 23:27:41   Hey there, the reason I took the pages out of the tabs at the top was because there were too many of them. If there's too many they just wrap over each other and it looks real messy. What would you say are the most important pages? (I don't remember what were in the tabs) On the [davis]Davis Wiki we have the [davis]Explore page that we link to the most important pages on. I'd encourage you to make an "Explore" page with the most important topics and then you could include it right on the front page like we do. Do you think that'd work?

As far as contributors go, it can be a slow process. I'd say just put up things you find interesting that you think others will like! Someone started a page here about building community — maybe there's something there that will guide you or you could ask other folks for ideas to get people to start contributing. Best- —PhilipNeustrom

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