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Who we are

Note: this page is out of date. Most of us are currently hard at work on [WWW], our new effort. is a website created by real people. In fact, most of us are not corporate drones. Wiki Spot grew out of the [davis]Davis Wiki and other community wiki projects, so quite a few of us spent some time on the Davis Wiki. This also explains our commitment to free information, as we believe the success of Davis Wiki and related projects can be spread worldwide.

Folks involved in the early making of

Philip Neustrom

Benevolent Dictator for Life
Executive Director for the Wiki Spot project
Primary programmer
Currently resides in San Francisco, California

Arlen Abraham

Content Builder
Propaganda designer
Friendly wiki gnome
Currently resides in [davis]a dome in Davis, California
arlen_embarassing_photo.jpgNeeeed Internet!

Graham Freeman

Organizational guidance
Helps keep our webservers running
All-around pain in the ass

Mike Ivanov

Guidance, random help

Zac Morris

Advice, random hackery

David Poole

CSS Designer/Debugger
"The Internet Explorer"
Currently resides in Davis, California

Amit Vainsencher

Systems administration!


Wiki Spot is a non-profit effort. Things get done when people pitch in and help out. You can get involved with backend development, answer questions, [gnome]gnome it up, discuss the finer points of life, or create marxist propaganda.

The intention of this page is to just give a human-minded overview of who some of us are, not to be a complete list of everyone involved in the project (by any means!).

We can use your help with development or any other aspect of Wiki Spot!

This is a Wiki Spot wiki. Wiki Spot is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps communities collaborate via wikis.