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Bienvenu(e)s sur DeeDoo, le wiki du Monde de Didou



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Hey there! I think you may be a bit confused. The wiki this page is on, along with some other pages you have been editing (Famille de Didou, ma femme Nicolette, Les enfants de Didou, Bertrand), is the Wiki Spot "hub" wiki. I think you mean to add pages to [deedoo]deedoo ( Feel free to ask any questions you might have on our [wikispot]FAQ or [wikispot]Community Discussion pages. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-09-01 21:47:47   User pages: there's no need for them, ultimately. You can delete pages by going into "Edit" and pressing "Delete." The only "need" for a user page is so that you can leave comments to people who edit and have the "message" box appear.

The search on the front page here searches just text in pages and page titles. This means it won't find "deedoo" as the name of a wiki. We should add that, though. The easiest way to make it always appear is to add it to the Wiki Directory and create a page for the wiki on here (like Davis Wiki or Sacramento Wiki). —PhilipNeustrom

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