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2007-10-06 15:19:54   We just create the page titles in the target language and go from there. For examples:


The right to left is weird sometimes, like in Hebrew and Arabic scripts in the bottom two examples above. But it does work.

Also someone has started a wikispot about the Three Kingdoms in Chinese History:


Does this help? —HimySyed

2007-10-18 11:00:51   Très beau projet. Je n'ai pas de suggestions concrètes pour le moment, mais j'en ferai part si ca change... Sandra —SandraJanssen

2007-11-24 12:41:41   There's a few different things that could be done, but we need to ask what it is we want to accomplish. Is the goal to make it so that when you go to "Page name in English" you see a link, in some special format, to "Read this in French?" One idea is to create a macro with a format like this: [[Language(Français, Nom de la page en français)]]. When placed on a page, such a dialog would appear. Is that along the lines of what you're looking for? —PhilipNeustrom

2007-11-27 06:38:37   There's a few different possibilities for placement. Here's a few ideas I sketched up. My favorite is with the languages listed at the bottom of the page because then it looks better with many different languages:








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