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2010-4-27 We experienced around 20 minutes of downtime due to a runaway export script. To avoid this problem in the future we won't be making user-requested wiki exports for larger wikis on our primary server.

2009-12-8 We are an official 501(c)3 non-profit! We just got the news from the IRS today. More news soon! All contributions to Wiki Spot are tax-deductible. Go donate now.

2009-10-13 Many folks are having issues reaching the site due to a power outage and subsequent network issues at our San Francisco Data Center. More info as it's available. As always, you can get status updates [WWW]on our twitter account.

2009-10-13 Many folks are having issues reaching the site due to a power outage and subsequent network issues at our San Francisco Data Center. More info as it's available. As always, you can get status updates [WWW]on our twitter account.

2009-9-11 Approximately 2 hours of unexpected downtime this morning due to a machine lockup that we're currently investigating. More detailed technical update soon.

2009-9-5 Approximately 2 minutes of downtime to fix an urgent security issue this evening. The issue did not impact any wiki communities to our knowledge.

2009-8-31 We installed a database administration tool tonight. No downtime is good downtime. - Graham and Philip

2009-8-28 Some unexpected downtime this morning caused by our not-actually-fix-fix to the previous issue. We're going to switch our webserver around so this doesn't happen anymore. Details to come.

2009-8-23 Wikispot sysadmins addressed system performance issues by terminating a hung database process and improving the way the webserver handles requests. The hung database process resulted in approximately 5 minutes of downtime, and approximately 1 hour of sub-par performance. - Philip, [davis]Amit and Graham (with troubleshooting assistance from Jason)

2009-8-8 Wikispot sysadmins performed minor routine preventive maintenance, resulting in approximately 3 minutes of downtime. [WWW]Geeky details here. - [davis]Amit and Graham

2009-4-9 Wikispot was inaccessible for nearly 10 hours due to [WWW]multiple [WWW]fiber cuts in the SF bay area, at least one of which affected our upstream provider. While we seem to be back up now, you may experience intermittent outages as repair crews work to fix the damaged line(s).

2009-3-15 Some people were having emails sent directly to their spam / bulk mail folders. The problem should be fixed now.

2009-3-8 We successfully moved over to a new, temporary server. Let somebody know if something's wrong! Things should be much snappier now, too! [WWW]Geeky details here.

2009-3-7 We will be moving our primary server today sometime between 3PM-6PM PST. Wiki Spot will be down during the server move period, which we hope won't be that long.

2009-2-26 We will be performing maintenance at 10:00AM UTC 2009-2-26. We expect Wiki Spot to be read-only for up to two hours.

2009-2-18 We have a general purpose Wiki Spot email mailing list. You can sign up [WWW]here.

2009-1-24 We had the first Wiki Spot [board]board meeting as an incorporated non-profit. We're sending off our non-profit application to the IRS tomorrow and we expect to be granted 501(c)3 status in the next few months. From this point on all donations to Wiki Spot are likely to be tax-deductible.

2008-7-13 Minor update today: some tiny bug fixes, such as being able to clear out your 'address locale' setting. You can now resize the editor without losing your changes (thanks Paul Ivanov!)

2008-3-6 We experienced some unexpected downtime this morning for three hours. We're looking into it — will post a more detailed update when we've figured out the root cause of things. For now, everything ought to be fine.

2008-1-15 Happy New Year! When doing a search we now suggest alternative spellings in some cases:

Upload new image "did-you-mean.png"

It's not completely perfect, but we're hoping to improve the functionality over time. Update: We were seeing intermittent issues with new pages not appearing — should be good now

2007-12-16 A small update was pushed tonight. With the update comes some quick edit bug fixes. See the changelog page for more details, as always!

2007-12-5 If for some reason you're reading this and you live in [sf]San Francisco, CA, you should stop by [WWW]423 2nd Street (at Citizen Space #300) at 6:30PM PST. Philip and Arlen are giving a Wiki Spot presentation (psst, there's free beer and pizza).

2007-11-23 Because we've got a lot of [gnome]curious folks out there, the Recent Wikis page now also shows the 100 most recently edited wikis!

2007-11-15 Wiki Spot was prominently featured in a wonderful story in the November 15, 2007 issue of the Sacramento Bee newspaper. The title of the story by Bee Writer Mickey Enkoji is: [WWW]Wiki worlds flourishing for local communities. It looks like Davis, California, is now the center of the Wiki universe.

2007-11-12 We made a small change to the comments macro to hopefully prevent much of the [WWW]automated, non-Wiki Spot specific spam we've been seeing.

2007-11-6 We noticed some issues involving daylight savings time and the Events Board functionality. It should be all patched up now — let somebody know if you see something break!

2007-8-21 You'll now see a little "messages!" alert in the upper right, next to your user name, when someone edits one of your user pages. Click on this alert to see the profiles of yours that have been modified! Also, going to a user page that hasn't been created yet now provides some useful information: profiles they have on other wikis, and a link to their user info. For more about the changes, see our Changelog.

2007-8-3 A small bug fix update was made to Wiki Spot tonight. See the changelog for details.

2007-6-26 We now have a button on Interwiki Recent Changes that lets you view your watched wikis in a different way: 2006-7-26-groupby.png. Pages with more than 15 changes in a day will also show a little link now, too, to improve readability: 2007-6-26-morechanges.png. See our changelog for a tad more.

2007-6-20 We've started up a mailing list and an IRC channel. See the Community Discussion page for more!

2007-6-20 You ought to add your wiki to the Wiki Directory when you're ready! This helps us keep an index of most of the active wikis and lets other people find your wiki more easily. Also, if you're a wiki admin you should probably "watch" the Wiki Spot hub wiki (this wiki) for your Interwiki Recent Changes as there's changes here that probably interest you.

2007-6-18 Account creation is now also done through [wikipedia]https, so things should be more secure-ish. We've also fixed some bugs. See the changelog for details.

2007-5-29 Logins are now made through [wikipedia]https, so you should feel more comfortable logging in from untrusted locations. For more, see the Changelog!

2007-5-11 A big bug fix update happened tonight! The full details can be read on our Changelog page. The biggest new feature: some new admin tools, which you'll see when you choose to delete or revert a page as an admin. As always, if you notice anything fishy, please say so on bug reports!

2007-4-14 Comments are now made in an expandable text box, which means even more room for ranting :)

2007-4-13 Thumbnails made from uploaded images ought to look better now that we're doing some sharpening, and the zoom level on maps is a bit closer.

2007-4-10 A small fraction of people were seeing their web browser "bounce" indefinitely when trying to access any wikis. The problem should be fixed now! Leave a comment on bug reports you notice anything crazy!

2007-4-8 A bunch of bugs were fixed today! Mapping, "differences," page renaming & deleting and a bunch of other things have been fixed up. As always, if you spot any issues please say something on the bug reports page!

2007-4-3 Okay, we've opened up our doors! Heaven knows there'll be some issues in the next few days, but just report 'em and we'll try and knock through them as quickly as possible.

2007-4-2 We moved stuff over to our real server last night. Next step: bringing in a new import of wikis like the Davis Wiki.

2007-3-2 Links now (finally) work inside of headings!

2007-2-20 There's a bug with an important maintenance script that I've gotta fix, but I can't reproduce it in my local copy of This means I'm going to be messing with the live code tonight, so expect some strange things to happen and errors to appear. No data will be lost while I play, though. —PhilipNeustrom (messing with things again tonight, too. i've gotta get this bug tracked down..)

2007-2-10 We had downtime for a couple of days because we've begun testing out our import of existing wikis. The imports themselves look generally okay. ACLs didn't get imported in some cases. In general, there are some majorly annoying bugs across wiki spot right now, so please see bug reports before reporting anything.

What's new that you need to know about? Well, if you can't seem to log in, it's probably because you're now supposed to use the password for whichever wiki you made the most edits on.

2006-12-30 Please help contribute to Community Guidelines to help formulate principles for what we will allow to be a part of Wiki Spot.

2006-11-21 We're starting to load up this wiki with documentation. There are two major types of documentation we're hoping to have: "How do I edit and use a wiki?" and "How do I create and administer a wiki?"

2006-11-18 There is now an easy way to keep a single user page across a bunch of wikis — just go into your User Preferences and it should be pretty clear. This was requested by a number of people.

2006-11-07 [[address]] is now supported.

2006-10-28 There was downtime yesterday evening until just now. Sorry about that! I was at a cafe uploading the new code right as I got kicked off..! —PhilipNeustrom

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