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Help with Images


Want to upload that nice, pretty, awesome photo you took? Just add the following line to a page:


Then click preview or save the page, and click on the link that is generated to upload your image.

There are various parameters you can use with this image "macro". You can make the image a thumbnail, change its alignment, add a caption, or remove its border. The possible parameters are:


  1. Examples
    1. Plain Image
    2. Thumbnail and Sizing
    3. Captions
    4. Alignment on Page
    5. Removing the border
    6. Example
    7. Multiple Images and Separators
  2. Images on another website
  3. Notes
  4. How can I put the same image on multiple pages?

Plain Image

[[Image(image.jpg)]] will display the image you upload. Pretty simple, and may be bad for larger images.


Thumbnail and Sizing

So it takes less space and allows for a cleaner page, lets reduce it down to a thumbnail.
[[Image(image.jpg, thumbnail)]] will make the image display the image as a thumbnail, which links back to the original wiki.


If you wanted to make the image or thumbnail a certain size, adding the length will reduce the image proportionally to that size.
[[Image(image.jpg, 279, thumbnail)]] will change the longer dimension to 279 pixels, keeping the scale of the image.



You may want to include helpful text below an image to add explanation, in addition you can include a link to some other site or page.
[[Image(image.jpg, thumbnail, "A photo by ["users/PhilipNeustrom"]")]] will add the caption to the page.

image_painting_4.jpgA photo by PhilipNeustrom

Alignment on Page

image_painting_5.jpg An image might be in the way of text, or maybe you just want the image to be to the right.
[[Image(image.jpg, right, thumbnail)]] will create an image thumbnail to the right.
Any text below or after the image will appear alongside it rather than below or above it.
You can center an image (as long as it's neither a thumbnail nor captioned) by surrounding the image reference with --> and <--l.

image_painting_5b.jpg You can also allow wrapping text by aligning the image to the left side of the page.
[[Image(image.jpg, left, thumbnail)]] will align the image to the left. This allows you to put text alongside the image, rather than breaking up the text.

Removing the border

Sometimes a border may not look so great for the page, thus the noborder option.
[[Image(image.jpg, thumbnail, noborder)]] Has an image without a border.


image_painting_6.jpgLibrary Stacks

Lets put it all together, a sized image thumbnail, aligned to the right of the screen.
[[Image(image.jpg, right, 279, thumbnail, "Library Stacks")]]

Multiple Images and Separators


You can add multiple images or thumbnails by simply repeating the macro; there's an example of two images in a line below.

If you're adding a bunch of images as thumbnails, then this can end up looking strange because images can 'stack' on top of each other. Sometimes you don't want the text or the next image to 'float' over to the right or left side.

Headings are what you should use, in general, to divide pages into logical sections. As such, headings have the effect of sectioning off groups of images. Sometimes, when you're dealing with images, you don't want an actual heading, but just the "sectioning off" effect. To get this, just use ==== to force a section break in the page. You can think of this as a sort of "empty" heading.

A vertical column is created by having the images all aligned to either the right or left hand side of the page.
image_painting_7.jpgPaintings mm image_painting_8.jpgYay paintingimage_painting_B.jpgColumn

Images on another website

You can embed images from other websites without uploading them to the wiki. Just paste the URL of the image into the page and the image will appear. In general, it's a good idea to upload images directly to the wiki if you want to use them for a long period of time.


You can currently place a single image on a page only once. In this example we used different filenames to allow us to put the same image on the page over and over. You usually won't need to put the same image on a page more than once.

In addition, you cannot put an image tag on the same line as a header or section break.

How can I put the same image on multiple pages?

Right now, you'll probably want to just upload the image to the different pages. You might be able to accomplish what you want using the Include macro to include a page inside of other pages.


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2007-09-30 20:50:47   ok, so you can center text. how do you center an image? —JessicaRockwell

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2008-03-11 21:40:59   I always forget how to do this bit to put a link into the photo caption/credit:

[[Image(photo.jpg, thumbnail, left, "SF [ Photo] by Whoever")]]lizhenry

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2009-08-16 15:22:36   Can I have animated gifs in a caption? I tried ([WWW], but here you can see that the gif on the right, a caption with a little text under, nicely aligned and in a box, — it uses the image macro —, is still, while the one on the left, the raw link, is animated but cannot be, afaik, aligned, captioned, etc. —PerigGouanvic

2009-12-17 23:00:41   If I want to embed an image from another site, it is possible to use attributes like "thumbnail, 300" etc? so I can limit the size of the image? I tried put the URL in the Include macro but that didn't seem to work. Thanks! —csroberson

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