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About Wiki Spot


A wiki is a type of website created and maintained by the very community that uses it. By design, wikis are tools for communities to share information and have no limit on their potential beyond the collective input of the people who use it. We see wikis as an invaluable asset for building and strengthening communities.

We provide the means for communities anywhere in the world to initiate, maintain, publicize and fund wikis. We provide a trusting home for wikis through our service, encourage development of collaborative software, and promote adoption of the wiki as a tool for enriching communities.

Simply put, Wiki Spot is an organization of people dedicated to helping communities use wikis. We're a registered nonprofit organization1 and we're dedicated to free/open-source software.

What makes special? Well...

It's easy to create a wiki

We take the headache out of getting a high-quality wiki up and running! Within minutes, your community can have a wiki, and you can start focusing on the important things — like building and seeding your wiki!
Does your community need a wiki? Is your idea non-commercial and does it fit within our Community Guidelines? Then go ahead and create a wiki! With Wiki Spot, the only prerequisites are some vision and drive!

We're dedicated to free

Wiki Spot is a non-profit (501(c)3), member-supported effort. We're run completely by your generous donations. Wiki Spot is free of advertisements and we hope to always keep it that way. There is no charge for creating and administering a wiki through Wiki Spot.
We're devoted to free/open-source software, and we release all of the software that powers Wiki Spot under open-source licenses.
By working together, we can make a great home for all of our communities' wikis. Our focus is on sustainability, not profit.

Easy to use

It's incredibly easy to edit a Wiki Spot wiki! You don't have to know HTML to contribute to your favorite wikis — just click the "Edit" button on a page! You can also simply double-click on an area of the page you'd like to edit and a miniature editor will open up. (Try it!)
Our focus is on letting all members of your community contribute and benefit from your wiki, so we're always thinking about ways to make editing easier!
And it's easy to add comments to pages, too!

Built with communities in mind

Wiki Spot works great for communities of people! With features like integrated mapping and events systems, we make it easy to build for your local community.
We're always working on ways to make Wiki Spot rock for everyone, not just local communities, too!

Interwiki Community

By joining Wiki Spot, your wiki isn't just some lonely little blob out in cyberspace — it's part of a network of wikis that can help build a greater community!
We make it easy to watch changes on all of the wikis you're interested in, because part of keeping a well-tended wiki is making sure you keep an eye on changes. Just click "watch this wiki" when you visit a wiki, and all of their changes show up on your Interwiki Recent Changes page!
You can search all of the Wiki Spot wikis on our front page, and you can even have special links in between wikis, called interwiki links.

Flexible and easy to administer

Our easy and powerful administration tools give you complete control over your wiki. Wikis are, by their nature, open to all to edit — but sometimes you want fine-grained control over certain pages.
Wiki Spot lets you create security settings that allow groups of people to edit, or view, certain pages on your community's wiki!


It's easy to customize your community's wiki with your own logo and themes. You can pick from a pre-made theme or customize your style to your heart's content — we give you full control over your wiki's Cascading Style Sheets and icons!
You can also use your own domain name with your wiki. See our guide to using a custom domain name.

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This is a Wiki Spot wiki. Wiki Spot is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps communities collaborate via wikis.