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Wiki Spot is powered by the [sycamore]Sycamore wiki engine. Sycamore is free software and is available under the GNU GPL. In addition to simply releasing our code to the public at large, we hope to apply the open development process to itself. We aim to use community input and contributions to develop new features and improve the service in ways that conventional hosted services typically ignore.

Basically: have an idea for Wiki Spot? Want something fixed? Well, you can help out!

Where to Start

Given that you're probably interested in helping out with the code, the first step is to get the software and install it on your machine. Simply follow the instructions on the [sycamore]how to install page.

Development Community

For more information about general Sycamore development, see [WWW]

Mailing List

The '' list provides a channel for Sycamore developers and users to discuss the software. Subscribe by visiting [WWW]this URL, or view the list archive by visiting [WWW]Gmane.


Visit #wikispot on the [WWW]freenode network. Please read the topic when you enter the channel.

Things we should do

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