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Name: [WWW]Graham Freeman

Contact: +1 415 462 2991; email/Jabber/SIP; gjmf on [WWW] & [WWW]Twitter

[WWW]Professional: I'm the founder and general manager of [WWW]Cernio, a Canadian tech [wikipedia]cooperative that helps its members pool their resources to better achieve their goals. I also provide tech consulting to select clients in academia, civil society, and social enterprise.

Personal: From 2006 through 2008, my wife and I hopscotched from Davis to Oakland to Santa Cruz and finally to Berkeley, chasing jobs, degrees, and stability. In early 2010, our son [WWW]Alden was born!

Erin and Graham - shadow.jpgErin and me on a bridge in Santa Cruz

[berkeley]Berkeley-related history: Lived in nearby [albany]Albany as a child in the late 1980s while Mom finished her undergrad at UC Berkeley. Moved back to Berkeley in late 2008.

[santacruz]Santa Cruz-related history: Lived and worked in Santa Cruz from 1999 through 2003. Worked at UC Santa Cruz CATS Instructional Computing from 1999 until 2002. Founded California Technology Enabling Group, a capacity-building public-benefit nonprofit, while in Santa Cruz. Took a few classes at [santacruz]Cabrillo Community College and at [santacruz]UC Santa Cruz during [santacruz]Summer Session. Lived in [santacruz]Porter for six weeks during the summer of 2000. Moved back to Santa Cruz for the 2007-2008 school year so my wife could complete UCSC's science writing program.

Thoughts on [santacruz]the Santa Cruz Wiki: The second time I lived in Santa Cruz, I enjoyed using the wiki as a means/excuse to get to know the Santa Cruz community again. When I lived in Santa Cruz, I often took my little point-and-shoot digital camera around town with me to take pictures when & where I got the urge. Clearly I'm not a pro photographer, so please don't hesitate to replace my photos with better ones if you're so inclined.

[vancouver]Vancouver-related history: My wife grew up in British Columbia and went to [vancouver]UBC for undergrad. We visit family in the Vancouver region often, and we've contemplated moving to Vancouver when our son reaches grade school. I'll eventually get my Canadian citizenship and be a dual Canadian/US citizen.

[toronto]Toronto-related history: I've yet to visit Toronto.

[davis]Davis-related history: Attended [davis]Valley Oak Elementary 1990-1991, [davis]Holmes Jr. High 1991-1994, [davis]Davis High 1994-1997, and [davis]Sacramento City College (Davis extension) from 1997-1999. Worked at [davis]PC Dimensions 1997-1999, [davis]Far Western 2002-2006, and UC Davis (staff) June 2005-May 2006. Brother of [davis]Colin Freeman. Son of Sheryl Schaffner, who, when she was known as [davis]Sheryl Freeman, was on the [davis]Davis City Council. (My father values his privacy, so I don't generally put his name on the web.) I briefly served on the board of the [davis]Davis Food Co-op, but largely due to ongoing family stress I had absolutely zero tolerance for the insular small-town political detritus that inevitably came up; I resigned about halfway through my term but remain a big fan of the Food Co-op. Lived and worked in Santa Cruz from 1999 through 2003, after which I came back to Davis just long enough to meet and marry a UC Davis [davis]Department of Nutrition grad student.

Thoughts on [davis] It's the Davis Wiki, not the UC Davis Wiki. Certainly UC Davis has a strong presence in the community of Davis, but Davis includes much more than the University of California campus that shares its name. If this Wiki is to be valuable to all who might have reason to use it, its content should not assume that everyone is a UCD affiliate. As of August 2006, I feel that too much of the material on the Wiki is excessively slanted toward the UCD student population. That subset of Davisites should be served and given due respect, but they're not the only folks with a valid connection to the community of Davis.

Thoughts on [wikispot]Wiki Spot: I'm excited to use my position on the [WWW]Wiki Spot board of directors to help make Wiki Spot a more substantial and sustainable organization whose participants and stakeholders reflect the communities whose wikis are hosted here.

Religion: I'm an atheist (AKA an "unbeliever" to the self-righteous) who subscribes to the [WWW]Gaia theory. I'm unimpressed with religion in general - particularly the mainstream religions. I hold in high regard those individuals who, religious or not, are ethical, moral, and open-minded.

Uncontroversial opinions: I think you should Donate to help keep Wiki Spot running strong.

Disclaimer: Obviously, nothing I do or write on any Wiki Spot wiki represents the official position of any entity other than myself.

(I only check this page once every 3-6 months. If you want to get in touch, please email me instead of leaving a comment here.)

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