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Wiki Creator Guide


  1. Introduction
  2. How to Make a Wiki
  3. Help! I can't find my wiki!
  4. Settings
    1. General Settings
    2. User Groups and Security Settings
    3. CSS Settings
    4. Image Settings
  5. Licensing your Wiki
  6. Appendix: Pages Created with Your Wiki


So you're interested in creating a wiki. You've got a great idea, and you've learned how to use a wiki from the Wiki Guide and you're raring to go, but you're lost. Welcome to the answer sheet. This Creator Guide explains many of the features that administrators need to be aware of. Wikispot is the easiest, most feature and community rich wiki platform. This guide tells you how to create a great new addition to the interwiki community.

How to Make a Wiki

Easy! Follow Create a wiki.

Help! I can't find my wiki!

If you created a wiki and used the activation email, you might not have followed the link to where your wiki was created. Not to worry. Just click the settings link in the upper right hand corner of this page, and your site will be listed under "Watched Wikis".


So you've got your wiki created, looked at the "Wiki Settings" page on your wiki, and wanted to know how to change the settings of the wiki. This section is here to help! Here's some general information for each section and what their options do.

General Settings

The General Settings section is for all the options that make your wiki personalized.

User Groups and Security Settings

See Help for Wiki Administrators

CSS Settings

See Customizing Wikis and Themes.

Image Settings

This page holds and displays the images used through out your wiki, but three of them will be the most important to you now:

To change any of these images, just click on the current image or (if there is no image uploaded yet) the "Upload new image" link for that image. Click the browse button and select the image you would like to use, then hit upload. Your new image will automagically be used!

You can also use this page to further customize your wiki, and change the Edit, Info, Talk, and Map icons.

Licensing your Wiki

Most likely, you want to create a wiki to provide everyone free information. Your wiki comes preinstalled with a Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0, but you might want to choose your level of freedom. See Choosing a license.

See also: Create a wiki, Help for Wiki Administrators and Building Community

Appendix: Pages Created with Your Wiki

When you first create your wiki, a collection of useful pages are created along with it. Here's what they are and what they are there for.

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