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Help with Macros


  1. Text Macros
  2. Formatting and Editing Macros
  3. General Macros
  4. Wiki Administration Macros
Macros allow the insertion of features or functionality into normal wiki pages such as adding footnotes, images, comment boxes often found at the bottom of pages, and more. You can tell something is a macro because it looks [[likeThis]], with double brackets on each end.

What you put inside the parentheses affects the behavior of the macro, similar to functions in computer programs. So for instance, typing [[Image(a.gif, right)]] will have a very different result than typing [[Image(b.png, left)]]. In either case, the macro places a picture on the page. The name of the picture and the location in which the picture will appear on the page have been given different commands. For more information see: Help with Images, Help with Maps, or the other help pages.

To use a macro, click the edit button at the top of the page (some wikis require you to log in first). Some macros will need parameters, things written in (parentheses) to tell the macro what to do.


 There are [[PageCount]] pages on this wiki.
 Anti-spam macro (login to see effects!): [[MailTo(bob AT example DOT com)]]
 Here are 3 random pages:


For a much more in depth discussion of the [[Image()]] macro, see Help with Images.

Example of linkshere: 
A page called "a very long page name" with a [[linkshere]] macro
should list all pages that include a link ["a very long page name"]

Suppose there is a category called "a very long category name". Each page that should be in that category should contain a link ["a very long category name"]. What if "a very long category name" is too long, can a shorter name be used, so that two names link to the same page? Go in that "a very long category name" page and add a links here macro [[linkshere(a shorter category name)]], this way both the long and the short name may fall under the same linkshere page. You can also use this for a Double Step LinksHere, a relatively complex wiki tool that might be useful for certain types of communities.

Text Macros

These macros insert something into the text of the page

[[nbsp]] adds a non-breaking space — a single blank space that keeps two words on the same line.
[[heart]] creates a ♥.
[[br]] adds a line break. This is usually not necessary, as the wiki interprets new lines normally, but occasionally you may need to force the layout. Usually useful when working with tables.

Formatting and Editing Macros

[[Anchor(anchorname)]] defines an anchor. Use [#anchorname Link Text] to jump to said anchor. Note that everything is case sensitive and that the anchor is defined with double brackets [[]] but called with single [] brackets.
[[address(street_address)]] allows you to specify a map point for the page at street_address. See Help with Maps
[[Comments]] makes a comments box that just says "Comments"
[[Comments(Leave your comments here)]] makes a comments box, but with text other than "Comments"
[[File(filename)]] includes a link to a file you've uploaded to the page. Use [[Image]] to display images in the page, though!
[[FootNote(This is the footnote text)]] creates a Footnote 1
[[FootNote]] lists the page's footnotes (footnotes appear at the bottom of the page if [[FootNote]] isn't used)
[[Image(image_name.jpg, thumbnail,
   size, noborder, left/right,
   "Caption including ["Wiki" links]")]]
see Help with Images
[[Include(pagename, "title here",
   left or right, width%)]]
Includes the contents of page pagename into the current page. You can also do [[Include(pagename, "title here")]] to have the include show a title along with an "edit" link. With full options, [[Include(pagename, "Coolest page", right, 30%)]] includes the page "pagename," with the heading "Coolest page," and floats it to the right while taking up 30% of the page.
[[MailTo(somebody AT yahoo DOT com)]] obscures an email address (sort of) from people who aren't logged in (like those harvesting email addresses for spam), looks like <somebody AT yahoo DOT com> to you.
[[stop]] creates a box to link it to a "/Talk" page. Used when there is a big dispute among users on the content of a page.
[[TableOfContents]] Creates a table of contents based on the = title = headers on the page. It indents based on the number of equal signs.
[[TableOfContents(left)]] same as [[TableOfContents]]
[[TableOfContents(right)]] same as [[TableOfContents]] but displayed on the right side of the page.

General Macros

[[Stats(username)]] Given an argument of username, it will print out the statistics for that user
[[LinksHere]] provides a list of pages that link to the current page (this can actually be used to tag content)
  [[LinksHere(pagename)]] provides list of pages that link to an arbitrary wiki page
[[RandomPage(n)]] where n is a number of links to randomly selected wiki pages
  [[RandomQuote(pagename)]] randomly selects an element from a list on pagename. Also works for random images in a list (using the [[Image()]]macro once on each line). The content of pagename should only have a list of whatever you want to randomly select. Image files with a comma in the title will not work. See [davis]Photography or Quick Wiki Tips for an example.
[[PageCount]] How many pages are in the wiki? 1897; that's how many.
[[UserCount]] How many users are on this wiki? 5272; that's how many.

Wiki Administration Macros

These macros will generally only need to be used by your wiki administrator, and even then only rarely.

[[Events]] Used to create the Events Board functionality, where events from all users are sorted by time. Must be on a page named "Events Board".
  [[Events(mini)]] Makes a short listing of today's events.
  [[EventsButtons(feed)]] Creates buttons at the top of the events page for RSS and Livejournal syndication, where feed is the name of the livejournal feed you're using.
[[FirefoxSearch]] creates a link to install the Firefox/Mozilla search plugin for the wiki
[[RecentChanges]] powers your favorite page, Recent Changes
[[TitleIndex]] powers the All Pages page, listing every page in a particular wiki
[[Bookmarks]] powers the Bookmarks page, which lets users track particular pages
[[UserPreferences]] powers the User Settings page, which lets people create accounts and change their account settings
[[OrphanedPages]] powers the Orphaned Pages page, and lists all pages which have no incoming internal links
[[OutgoingLinks]] powers the Outgoing Links page, listing the number of links each page contains
[[Stats]] powers the User Statistics page, giving a full list of all stats. Using a username as an argument, this returns only that user's statistics.
[[search]] Prints out a search box, similar to the one in the upper right of this page.
  [[search(global)]] A search box that searches all of Wiki Spot
[[WantedPages]] powers the Wanted Pages page, listing all internal links that haven't been made yet
[[paypal]] "Make a Donation" paypal button

Wiki Settings macros:

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