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Help making a logo

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Good logos convey a lot of information and can help give real sense of personalization to a wiki! A successful logo will match the general theme of your wiki — especially your color scheme. Never underestimate the power of good design!

Examples wiki logos

Please note that these logos are owned by their respective communities. We're using them here just for discussion purposes.


The [davis]Davis Wiki logo is solid white and sits atop a black background. The logo is composed of two fonts, and the thickness of the leftmost font roughly matches the thickness of the roundabout. The Davis Wiki uses the default Wiki Spot color scheme, and with the large black bar on top of the page the logo fits right in. The logo is complemented by the default gray [davis]roundabout background logo. The roundabout is symbolic of the awesomeness of bicycling in Davis.


The [sacramento]Sacramento Wiki logo is a two-color logo (white and gold) that sits atop a blueish purple solid background. There's no background logo — it's simply a solid color. The "SACWIKI" text is framed by a symbolic representation of the [sacramento]Tower Bridge and descriptive text.


The [pittsburgh]PGHwiki logo is a bit different — it's a single color, three-typeface logo. The logo itself would work on a variety of backgrounds, such as the standard black. More interesting is the tiled background logo of the bridge. They edited their CSS to change the background logo to repeat. This was done by changing the style.css file's #banner part from background-repeat: norepeat; to background-repeat: repeat;. See Themes for more on your wiki's CSS. In general, a complex background logo will look best if it can be tiled in such a way. You'll have to play around to get a background logo that will tile properly, but with effort you'll get something that has a real pretty look to it.


The [madison]Madison Wiki logo centers on the Capital building of Wisconsin, which happens to be surrounded by several one-way streets in a diamond pattern. Thus, borrowing the following arrows of the Davis Wiki and turning them into something Madison-specific. This shows that you don't have to stray far from the logos of other wikis to make something uniquely yours.

I need help making a logo

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2007-06-19 06:03:47   What are the best length and width dimensions for the logo_background.png image ? —HimySyed

2007-07-23 03:51:05   I'll give a stab at the Torontopedia logo. I'm actually going to be in Toronto in a week or two, so I might have a draft for you either the beginning or mid August (before or after Toronto), if that's alright with you guys. Any suggestions on what you want to keep or would like to see? —RosannaYau

Here's what Rosanna did so far (from an email to me):



2007-08-21 19:25:19   Help! I'm trying to modify my title and theme but am lost. For my title I'd like "Linn Benton CHEN" on the top line with "Christian Home Education Network" in smaller letters below that, margin on the right. For theme (this will mainly be used by homeschool moms)I like the Pastel Theme w/colors but I don't know how to get there. What's the difference between "style" and "layout"? My current wikispot name is "linnbentonchew". —RichLindvall

2007-10-28 17:32:25   I just uploaded a couple of possible logos for the [walnutcreek]Walnut Creek wiki. Comments? —NathanJensenHorne

It looks like the background of the logo on [oneonta-region]oneonta-region doesn't match the background in the CSS — if it was made transparent I bet it'd look mucho better.

2008-03-19 14:23:58   Yes I am starting a day care center and need help making a logo —

2009-02-18 17:44:25   I was just given admin privileges to the Ithaca wiki (new york) (due to the creator moving). I would like to make a logo for the wiki. I have an idea for the design, probably a snowflake or autumn leaves changing colors, but have no idea how to start physically designing it. I have never designed something on the computer before (even though i am an artist). Do you guys have any tips. —MattHh

2009-03-25 03:20:55   i need help make a logo for a car industries

2009-05-05 22:22:08   I need to make a Postman Pat Wiki Logo —

2009-07-10 02:36:36   Mrs. Hoeckelberg's First Grade —Thoeckelberg


2010-09-01 03:36:51   my bands name is roamers...i want to make a logo of it....can you guys help me???? —

2011-04-18 14:49:55   Help me create a wikki? —Jeri

2011-04-27 21:55:46   Alistair —

2011-05-26 06:33:08   how do you make a heading —Broawesome

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