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Interwiki Community

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While each wiki may offer a great resource for the particular community it is serving, [c2]wiki works because it connects people and information together. As a result, your community grows and provides a better resource to people as it becomes linked to other wikis. Because Wiki Spot is home to many of these communities, you can benefit by building community between wikis.

We call this connection between wikis "interwiki." Wiki Spot helps you connect and watch wikis in a few different ways:

Online Resources

These are pages on the hub (this site) to help you find keep track of wikis and search for their content.

Available on every wiki

Get in touch

If you have a simple question, but can't find anything in the Help, ask on our FAQ page.

To keep in touch with what's going on Wiki Spot as an organization, consider joining [WWW]Wiki Spot Talk, an email list for all users of Wiki Spot wikis.

If you have an administrative issue, email us at <contact AT wikispot DOT org>, and we'll try to address the situation as soon as possible.

The Wiki Spot [board]Board of Directors oversees operations and budgeting at the broad scale. If you're interested, you can attend one of our electronic meetings.

Get Help Building a Wiki

On the hub wiki, we have a quite a few pages that can help you in making your wiki successful: Help for Wiki Administrators, Wiki Creator Guide, and most importantly, Building Community.

That said, it doesn't hurt to have a helping hand from those who have built successful communities before. The [gnome]Gnome Wiki is the headquarters of the wiki gnomes: little helpful creatures that make your wiki more beautiful, organized, and insightful. (There are rumors that these gnomes are actually humans and not 30 cm tall guys with beards and pointy hats, but no conclusive evidence yet.) If you're having trouble coming up with a logo or attracting people to join, the gnomes are there to help.

[davis]Davis Wiki was the inspiration for this entire operation, and has the largest amount of pages and content. If you're looking for ideas on what to write about, take a look around this Northern California town.

Also consider [citywiki]Citywiki, which has a repository of useful templates for building a town wiki.

Software Development

Wiki Spot is powered by its own custom software, [sycamore]Sycamore, which is free software licensed under the GPL. Since we are always working on new features, we are also always looking for people to help improve the wiki software. Exciting things that we're working on now:

Have a different idea of what we need? Head over to the Feature Requests page and let us know what your wiki really needs.

To get involved, visit the [sycamore]Project Sycamore wiki, and sign up for the [WWW]sycamore-dev mailing list.

Media Support

There might be a time when you can get your site mentioned in local media, and they want to find out more about Wiki Spot. We'd be happy to discuss the wiki; just drop us an email at <contact AT wikispot DOT org>

Nonprofit Status

We're still working on getting official word from the IRS about our nonprofit 501(c)3 status. In the meantime, we are working on a server upgrade, so we do need money to ensure that Wiki Spot remains lightning fast into the future. If you're interested in helping maintain all of the wikis in our community, and ensuring that we remain forever ad-free, please consider Donating to our community.

If you're curious to see how we spend our money, check out our budget.

This is a Wiki Spot wiki. Wiki Spot is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps communities collaborate via wikis.