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Using a custom domain name/Tierra


These are step-by-step instructions for setting up a custom domain name on [WWW] for use with Wiki Spot.

In this example, we will set up the [madison]Madison Wiki.

Step 1

[WWW]Log in to your account.

Step 2

Now you are in your Domain Services page. If you ever get lost, try to find your way back here and start again.


Step 3

Now you are in your Web Service page. You should see your domain (or domains) in a list on the right (dotted line). If you purchased multiple domains through that you want to have point to the same site, you can move them over from the left-hand side by using the arrow buttons.


But if this is your first custom domain name for your wiki, continue on to the next step.

Step 4

tierra3.png Now you should be back to your Domain Services page again. This time, click on "DNS Service."

Step 5

Now you're on your Manage DNS page. You should see the http redirect that you just created (!!), and now you need to set your CNAME entry.


Step 6

Now you should enter the information for the wikispot domain. Fill in the "www" and "" exactly as shown here, the number to the right (dotted line) is the time between domain refreshes - 300 works just fine, so why mess with it? When you are done, hit "Add" at the bottom and you'll be sent back to your Manage DNS page.


This should complete what you need to set up in your account at You should see something like the following:


Don't Forget Step 7

You're not done yet! Alert a wiki administrator that your domain is set up, and we'll take care of it on our end!

If you believe you have entered in the information correctly, but it doesn't work, simply ask this guy about or these folks about, well, everything.

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