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2007-10-25 08:43:21   In response to a recent spam run, I changed the permissions on this page so that only logged-in users can edit. Obviously this is only a temporary (and likely ineffective) measure, but at least I felt like I did something. —Graham.Freeman

2008-11-27 01:39:29   Hello, I am trying to build my own wiki where i will be able to have a discussion forum of my own, a website for a medical dictionary, database of research experts, multilingual repository. is it possible for me to construct these requirements using wiki spot? i would be grateful for any help and suggestions. thnks very much in advance. you can contact me on my email at —

2009-07-09 17:13:03   I keep getting the sentence "A thumbnail or caption may be displayed only once per image." inserted in my text. What causes this, please, and how can I avoid it? —DavidStookey

2009-07-09 21:30:12   If you try to use the same image more than once on an entry, it only displays the first and prevents the rest from displaying. As it says, "A thumbnail or caption may be displayed only once per image.". —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-08-18 11:11:13   Howdy Wikispot folk.

We are trying to migrate our pages from the rampantly commercial 'wikidot' network, and I have been trying to do some of the techy stuff, with mixed results. I have a couple of questreis I am stuck on. One is - believe it or not! The text sizes - I have searched the pages and I can't see any tips. For example, how to change the size of the body text - how do you control the size - I want to shrink it!

Second one is the search.png - the magnifying glass - can I subsittute with my own logo or no?

Third one is different style.css rules for differetn categores of pages - possible on wikidot. I would like to have a simple.css for the 'front page' or the site, using the simple.css code - and our modified css for the others.

If anyone's interested in poppping over - here we are:


Early days!

er... re. point 1, I think it might have something to do with my having specified a user CSS in my user settings... now the body text does change as expected when the genreal CSS is changed. But the other queries still stand! —NormanNitram

2009-08-18 21:43:45   Thanks Phil - that's a very interesting tactic - creating a kind of metatable to put the rest of the page in? I'll give it a go... [ a bit alter) actually I can't see this helping really - maybe I need to sleep on it! But the general aim is to create a way to style categores of pages on the wikis - in this case, I was looking for(as you say) a plain 'front page which is pretty static - but other ideas might be to have static 'resource/ info' pages on sites. So we really would benefit from a way to do this. At wikidot (grrrr...) you can define your CSS codes for categories of pages which are identified by directories eg. blankpages/frontpage Anyway, the text is obeying my command now, so to speak, so no problems there thanks. re. The searchicon - could'nt we just add it to the image options? —NormanNitram

2009-08-19 16:23:08   Surely, here is the old 'philosophical'investiagtions' site.


Note a few things, if you like. The ability to 'quote' is useful, and there are top bar features for not only recent changes, but recent posts. Another neat idea is each user gets an icon which appears on mouseover. The ability to set text attributes is important - eg. to add colours etc. Why is this not allowed at the moment? Should be easy , no? For example, the footnotes are too small, but can we change the text size?

The ability to put pages into css 'groups' allowed the 'front page' to look much cleaner:


Any comments on our efforts so far here? —NormanNitram

2010-04-22 18:53:52   Visit my page on wikispot

2010-04-22 18:54:34   hello, where can I upload pics to my wiki? —yash

2011-02-09 00:46:15   I ca't change the css!!! TELL ME HOW NOW!!!!!!!! —CherryRose

2011-12-14 20:34:49   Houston, Davis, knowledgeable wikispot users, I have a problem.

I am relatively new to using wikispot, and have formed an academic interest based group looking at merchant networks and London life in the mid C-17th. So far so good. But over the last three months the type size displayed in my screen keeps getting smaller. It is now so small I can't edit the pages.

One minute I'm looking at my Mozilla window into my wikispot, and the next minute the text has become smaller. Not just in the page or pages I have open, but all the pages in my wikispot wiki.

But when I go to other wikis in wikispot, the typeface displays as normal. For example, the typeface in this community/discussion talk page is fine, and unchanged from when I started using wikispot. The typeface in any other web accessed sites is also normal. So something is clearly happening to my specific wiki.

What am I doing wrong?

Have I somehow accidentally changed my CSS? If so, how do I change it back, and why is this happening?

Many thanks in advance for your help, Colin Greenstreet —ColinGreenstreet

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