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2009-10-02 15:07:11   Just in case you're wondering about that ongoing drama: I have no idea how good that edit will actually be when it is done, but at this point I'm just trying to get them to a point where they can engage in cooperative behavior (or maybe I should say behaviour) as opposed to the antagonistic, "never yield any ground" battle they were both locked in. Basically, I'm now working a tactic of "fix the culture and the content will improve". Neither would admit to being actually unwilling to work with others, so there's at least a bit of hope. Meanwhile, you keep making the wiki better, which is what I wish these two would just go and do. Imagine if all their effort used to oppose each other were directed toward adding new content and adding neat aspects of Liverpool to the wiki. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2009-10-05 14:06:01   Thanks Evan, I think it could become a valuable asset to the community if enough people engauge with it. People in the Lark Lane section are already adding thier own comments and details of thier own businesses for others to find, as well as comments so thats great! I'm just trying to give it a push-start by creating pages I think could become hubs for the community. Thankyou for your efforts in calming down, (or at least trying to), those other guys. Not been able to do much as of late as my comp is bust! Will get it sorted soon. Yours, Chris @ FACT. —ChrisGibson

2009-10-31 00:31:31   As a quick update: Well, Waterways has once again tried the ultimatum of (paraphrased) "if he tries to edit my pages again, I'm leaving and taking all the stuff I've added with me!" I've written a reply that either calls his bluff or wishes him well as he leaves. At a basic level, if he absolutely balks at the idea of other people editing anything he's added, he's writing his own little proprietary website within the wiki as a whole. I'm not saying the Keith fellow is an angel at all; I'm still not sure what the deal is with his edits. But with somebody repeatedly making an absolute unilateral ultimatum on a cooperatively edited site, I felt it needed to be called out. In the worst case, he stomps off. Best case, he realizes that the wiki is not his personal blog that he has complete control over. It'll probably be a muddy mixed bag, but that's usually the case. —JabberWokky

2010-01-16 00:26:27   I started in 2003 and it's great to see my work copied and pasted here

2010-01-29 21:42:06   Do you folks need a little CSS help over on liverpool? Looks like the wiki'd look a bit better if you turned off the edit / info / talk icons (in wiki settings/images - delete the images). I'd post question / help request over here: Community Discussion. I think with a little bit of CSS tweaking the wiki could look super nice. —PhilipNeustrom

2010-04-04 11:49:08   I left comments on the talk page of Liverpool Waters. They were delete by Chris Gibson. I left a comment on his page, again deleted by him. Why? Is he hiding something? I think so, hence the deletions. I wrote about the Liverpool Waters page which is cut & paste of marketing material from a company called Peel Holdings. There is also a top level link to the page on Liverpool Waters on the Front Page. I told him to remove or rewrite properly in a wiki fashion as this wiki is not a propaganda outlet.

Please reverse my comments. If they are not Chris Gibson should be removed as a moderator as the site is reverting to circus of a propaganda outlet for vested interest.

Steve Coombes

steve coombs is a a false id.

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