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Does anyone have any theories, usability-wise, why people keep replacing (or reverting) the files on this page?

No Clue in general, but I just reverted the Sandstone-Css-Files to the original version because someone (not the author) changed them to a style which did not work. (hanspeter, 02/17/08)

I'm going to be reverting all changes to this page that don't come with an accompanying explanation (people are making mistakes and deleting the themes here). —PhilipNeustrom

I locked this page for 24 hours (as of 11:17 AM, 1/12/2009 Pacific time) because of continued vandalism. To the vandals, thanks a lot for locking everyone else out as well. If you need to make an edit to this page, make a comment here or leave me a comment on my userpage. —WilliamLewis

2010-07-08 22:18:24   I have tried to download the sidebar themes to my page, but to no success. Instead, the fonts just keep getting smaller and squished further together. any ideas? —KarenTaylor

2010-10-16 05:17:28   Is Wikispot capable of utilizing @font-face (HTML5) within CSS? I have tried setting up my wiki [bom]bom with an open font type "GraublauWeb" and can't get the font-face to load on Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Thoughts?

Here are some of my resources:


2010-10-16 05:21:41   Wait... I just discovered the URL for the web font is dead. I have also tried uploading the .otf in the same spot as the style.css, etc. Hmm... —todd.d.robbins

2011-07-17 19:39:03   COMMUNISTS!!! —

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