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As it stands, we seem to think that a couple things are bad:

Flickr has some easy to read [WWW]community guidelines

Please add your thoughts here!

Are Community Guidelines for only creating a new wikispot wiki's? Should these do's and don'ts apply to things like etiquette vandalism, etc.. Are we trying to establish a set of policies and guidelines? Perhaps something like [WWW]

Reading some [WWW]posts from this [WWW]blog might help. She is a good writer and knows her stuff. —JasonAller

Links can be very useful. Do you mean some sort of google-bombtastic spam wiki? Is it the commercialization that would bother you about this type of wiki? Should we bar wikis set up for purely commercial gain?


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2007-05-12 21:27:51   I think we should change "Do not create a wiki for just yourself" to "Do not create a wiki with no intended community." Then we could write:

We are here to help communities of people collaborate and share knowledge. Creating a wiki for just personal usage, or creating any other wiki with no intended community, is an unwelcome drain on our resources and goals. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-05-12 22:20:32   I wonder if the wiki creation process could include a text box entitled "What is this wiki for:" that would be included on a page like "Purpose". That way there would be less question about the intent behind some of the new wikis that don't yet have enough content to make clear their purpose. If the text box is not filled in the form should prompt the user to put some content there. —JasonAller

2007-05-14 14:47:25   I know I've seen this kind of thing addressed in Library public room usage guidelines. Are there similar "public resources for community use only" whose already existant (and likely time tested) guidelines we can use as a starting concept? Parks, libraries, meeting rooms in town halls, church facilities, some scouting facilities... who out there already has the same general "we want to help foster open community groups that aren't directly commercial" policies? —JabberWokky

Edit: Zipping through, here are some good clear guidelines (many are legalese or twisted in wording... these strike me as the more clear and simple ones):


2007-05-14 14:50:51   One interesting concept through all the ones I'm reading is "keeping the facilities clean", possibly equatable to a "you must keep your wiki generally usable rather than overrun with abuse and spam" clause? Just to make it clear? (I think Philip will say I'm overthinking things. :) ) —JabberWokky

2007-07-27 01:33:46   I think using the terms "nonprofit" and "non-commercial" relatively interchangeably is a point of confusion. They're not necessarily the same. Many nonprofit organizations routinely engage in commercial activities. The difference is, the nonprofit is committed to reinvesting its proceeds into serving its mission of community betterment, instead of paying it out as shareholder dividends. I'm trying to understand what distinction you're drawing because it would clarify (among other things) where churches fit into the WikiSpot guidelines. My church could use a wiki for internal communications and community-building, as well as collaborating on membership drives, fundraisers, and other routine business affairs. Like most churches, we're a nonprofit. Yet commercial activity is a necessary part of keeping the doors open and the community services available. Are such organizations eligible, or inappropriate? —

2007-11-16 17:30:04   Could I create a wiki that would be restricted, by password access, to a particular community?

I'm thinking about a wiki for the classes that I teach. I often ask individual students to collect data on something, and then we analyze it as a class project.

The problem is that I end up having to collate all the individual data into an Excel file for hundreds of students, then repost it on my class website.

If students could log on to the wiki and post their own data, it would save me a lot of time. I could also use it for discussion purposes.

But, obviously, it would be bad if any bozo could come and maliciously modify our class data. I don't know why anyone would want to do that, but I have participated in a wiki before where many weeks of painstaking work was wiped out by some unknown person with a grudge.

Please let me know if you think this is an acceptable wiki community and whether password access is technologically feasible/reasonable. —Virginia

2007-11-16 17:36:10   Or (following on previous question) would it just be better to create a wiki, but not advertise it to anyone but my class? —Virginia

2007-11-26 00:21:54   I have been asked to help a company create a wiki that will offer support to QuickBooks users- which has the largest user base of a business/accounting software. The company's primary business activity is QuickBooks training and seminars, but this wiki would be specifically directed at providing the QuickBooks community with practical info and tips. The company is going to initially stock the wiki with its own materials (which are in use by hundreds of tech schools and colleges), which would then be editable or users could add to it. It would be linked to from their website and would ideally be served from their servers.

Is this okay as far as wikispot guidelines? It's right on the line from my view, so I wanted to check with all of you. If this was done properly, it would certainly still benefit the company because they provide training, etc- but it would also serve a greater good for the millions in the US who use QB. —imobannon

2008-01-19 16:51:36   I would like to create a wiki for a small community, that is my book club of 16 ladies. Is this a good place to get that started? We would like our wiki to be password protected. Please let me know. —

2008-02-02 06:37:38   I would like to create a wiki about and for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community called LGBTSource. I'm pretty sure that I have an intended community. It wouldn't be like the LGBT community in San Francisco or another city with a large LGBT community. It would be for the LGBT community all over the world. It would be like a LGBT version of Wikipedia.

I have a wiki over at Wikidot, but I'm really restricted in creating it. The site is more geared to Polish wikis and speakers as it is based in Poland. As a consequence, I'm restricted in attracting those who want to help the wiki out. I am also restricted in what articles can I make because of the Polish laws. The wiki won't have articles or images that are there for obscene purposes. Again, it would be like a LGBT version Wikipedia.

Thanks for all responses. —JamesRyan

2008-03-19 18:53:23   We should add a section on "Can I create a private wiki?" that clarifies things. As long as the wiki meets all the community guidelines, it shouldn't matter if it's private or not. We should say something about how we encourage public wikis and public participation, but realize that for some communities private wikis are sometimes necessary. —PhilipNeustrom

2008-04-23 19:10:45   We are a research group interviewing businesses. Is it appropriate here? —

Hell, I don't know about all this nonsense. The target community is UofS Callers, and UofS Students in general. Breanna is a fellow caller, and while technically unsavy, she is ok with the project we have started. She would tell you that if she could figure out how to get here. ~Derek

2008-06-28 02:48:42   Does this community allow incontrovertible examples of fair use of a clipping from a copyrighted image in the context of criticism? For example, a wiki group critiquing the vague and dubious intangible and non physical superpowers of certain mutants in a certain comic book and movie series might see a need to show individual images depicting the glow around a characters hand with strange dots in it, to compare to another character who shoots rays out of his eyes, and to debate which of these is less tangible, and whether these are ill defined plot devices, which equate to omnipotence, or deus ex machina, thus sabotaging the conflict based structure of the comic book drama.
If the entire comic or even entire pages were not allowed, but individual clipped sections of images or pages would be, would that violate your terms, and if so does anyone know of any wiki community which allows non commercial fair use of small excerpts of copyrighted works in the strict context of criticism, as an example of fair use? —

2008-09-17 00:10:09   I want to establish a wiki for the members of our Homeowner's Association to post comments regarding the services they are (or are not) receiving from their Board and Management Company. Is this an acceptable use of resources? —

2009-02-02 15:48:29   I think it's too bad that when we want to create a community and recommend commercial sites because we actually support them and their services that it's considered "commercial advertising". —

2009-02-12 03:48:08   I am new to the Davis Wiki and am a bit confused about the "not for commercial gain" point of the wiki. Pretty much all the businesses in Davis are listed can I list my own business (especially considering there is a lack of listings available to Davis-ites in this area) and encourage people to comment, etc on it? Or should I erase my page? Thank you for your helpful and welcome comments. —Raechel

2009-06-04 02:16:07   I am interning for a non-profit trade office, promoting US agricultural products in Taiwan. I want to create a wiki to help my co-workers organize and share what they know about all the different events we do and people we meet, and to help share information between our cooperators and the local business community. We are not promoting the products of any specific company, just US products in general, and we do not receive any financial compensation for any of our efforts.

I came to wiki spot because I can set up the wiki here without asking for funding and waiting around, and because the ease of use will let my co-workers (not so technologically inclined) use it. I'm just wondering where our activities fall in the commercial/non-profit range. Would everyone be OK with my putting up a wiki here? Any suggestions for where I should put it? —

2009-08-06 07:52:29   New Rule Proposal: Do seek to educate your community about your topic Whether it's culture, science, art, or esoteric, your wiki should serve to inform and teach both visitors and editors. —BrentLaabs

2010-06-08 02:26:44   This site is no spam. It is purely for giving information to the general public about the company. Please let me know of how I can publish this content. Would be awaiting your reply —

2010-08-02 18:29:54   I am attempting to create a "Market Research" wiki, for market research peers, bloggers, researchers, etc. to add relevant content/news/events via this wiki. Currently still trying to improve on this page, any suggestions for improvement welcome. —ChristineGomez

"2010-09-09"   I'm looking for a place to create team based projects for my schooling. I was thinking that a wiki would be a great collaborative tool. and since we are all students in the IT department doing a wiki would be cool. Our school Univ of Phoenix has a learning team component in every class. Right now, for me it is technical writing and our team has to do a new user manual. so i was looking for a good place to do this. The reason I am asking about this is that the subject matter is sort of particular and not necessarily of value to the world at large. It is more about group endeavor than content, although the content will be judged and graded. In this i do not want to insult your community by using your services as a mere training platform. It can be hoped that we as users will appreciate your service more and as we grow in our abilities join your community to share information not merely take advantage of the tools you offer. How does that sound? —PeterWalker

2010-11-12 01:03:23   We are considering creating a wiki to coordinate the efforts of farmers markets. Those markets do provide commercial gain for the farmers who bring their goods to sell, but they also provide local, healthy food for the communities we support. We'd like to coordinate the efforts of the dozen or so markets in our county so more people can enjoy the healthful food we provide. Not sure if this fits within the community guidelines... —

2011-08-06 20:01:42   We would like to create a wiki for a casual, community based, professional organization to share info on resources and recommend vendors. These entries would be posted by our members not by the vendors themselves as an advertisement. This counts as "community" and "educational", right? —

2012-09-14 20:23:01   I had a wiki, but it was closed, but I think I was using a different site...anyway, the wiki was highly NSFW, but I guess all was legal. It was called Adult fanon Wiki, and I know that a community exists for that stuff. But i couldn't find anything dealing specifically with my query...only child porn. So, is it OK to make another? —

2012-10-04 02:01:28   I am part of a group of people who role-played together in college, but are now scattered geographically. I'm looking for some way other than skype for the group to work together to organize and expand a setting and world that we've been creating collaboratively for several years now. It's based on a copyright system, and content would mention things about the characters (classes, other stat related info, etc), from that system, but most of our content is original material in terms of characters and a lot of the setting. Would this could as an acceptable use? Could we restrict it to only members of our group? —

2013-03-19 11:34:35   Can I create a wiki based on a mythos I am currently creating and writing a book on? Or is this too narrow a view for creating a wiki? —LostinEgypt

2013-05-13 23:27:59   Hi, I work for a small non-profit and I would like to create a wiki for our volunteers and the residents we serve. We do home energy efficiency upgrades. We do not charge for these. It would be useful to have a wiki that focuses on local hardware stores and what they have available for saving energy. The idea would be to have our program community update each other on new options or sales. Do you think this would be appropriate or would this be seen as a form of promotion? —Thanks Lisadorn —

2013-06-22 19:57:55   Can I create a wiki for a indie project that has no fanbase *YET*? Like, can me and my friend use Wikispot to help organize ideas? —

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