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2007-04-06 09:14:13   Hi, welcome to Wiki Spot! Is the Berkeley wiki going to be for UC Berkeley, the city of Berkeley, or both? You may want to consider a less UCB-centric name if you want to create a wiki for both the university and town. A wiki for both communities can help bridge gaps between the students and townies (or that's what we call them here in Davis anyway). —ArlenAbraham

2007-04-15 20:41:25   Hi Abhi, I'm interested in working on the Berkeley Wiki. What are your plans for it? You can email me at tobin AT or give me a call at 510-520-9697. —TobinFricke

2007-04-16 23:02:07   Hey Abhi, someone's offering a domain to the berkeley wiki cause. Check out Using a custom domain name/Talk. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-04-30 00:18:15   Hey guys, sorry for the late reply as I am out of the country. I was planning to target both the community and the campus, but was having trouble coming up with a name, come on seriously is way too long. Otherwise, as of now my plans are mostly to write content and hopefully get it out there so people know that it exists and start using it. —AbhiYerra

2007-04-30 07:26:13   The DNS for is already pointing to wikispot, so we just need an admin to set up the pointer to I don't mind paying for the domain indefinitely but if you would like me to transfer it to you, drop me a line at <deltastorm AT gmail DOT com>. —AndrewChen

2007-07-25 04:45:44   I think would be fine, or even berkwiki as already suggested. I agree w/ Arlen that focusing on Cal would narrow the community a bit too much. —KevinChin

2007-08-15 08:58:34   Hi Abhi, are you here? What's your email address? —

2007-08-31 00:41:02   Hey guys, I am going to be working on Berkeley Wiki a lot more now. —AbhiYerra

2007-10-31 21:18:35   Hi Abhi, I'm a recent UC Davis gradate, now a Berkeley grad student. Big THANKS for starting the Berkwiki. I was just about to start one today when I found yours. Let me know if I can help. —PatrickVisperas

2007-12-14 21:36:40   Howdy, Abhi... I've been working on the Berkeley wiki. I was wondering if you were interested in using the tinyicon-berkwiki.png icon as the tinyicon on the wiki. I tried a few, and was inspired by the simplicity of the [sf]San Francisco icon. —JabberWokky

2010-02-06 09:00:18   test —munteh

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