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2007-02-27 05:26:17   Can/Should pages like this be a part of I for one need easy reference to it on pct wiki, but getting to it from that site is something i haven't figured out yet. —JackHaskel

2007-04-09 15:11:57   how do you set other location to be displayed on the map, for example on [WWW] when you click map, surrounding places show up on the map —

2007-05-30 19:44:49   I would like to say that the ORIGINAL Davis Wiki Map was extremely convenient, and that this new mapping system is basically a step back in the functionality of the Wiki. I would like to see the map system returned, with the option of enhancing a wiki page with this new system. It's now painful to use the site, in terms of trying to find something. For example, finding the specific location of Animal Kingdom is not available, so I MUST go to google or yahoo to do it myself.

Thanks. —CarrieBishop

2007-07-11 06:36:44   Is it possible to adjust the default zoom level for the map? So say I have a page with two points on it (the [davis]GameStop page on [davis]Davis Wiki is an example)—the map focuses on the first point listed, but doesn't show where the second point is. Zooming out or panning the map a bit will show both arrows, however I'd like to adjust the map to it defaults to whatever zoom is required to encompass everything. Thanks! —KevinChin

2007-12-01 20:18:34   Is there a way to set some sort of precedence on which address the map will display on a page that contains more than 1 address macro? For example, on [sacramento]Fry's Electronics, both the [sacramento]Sacramento and [davis]Roseville addresses use the macro, but when you hit the "map" button, it shows the [davis]Roseville map. I think it would be better to map to the [sacramento]Sacramento location. Or, rather than have it show the last used instance, as in the above example, would we be able to have separate buttons for each instance (or would this specification not work in the current codebase)? —PaulAmnuaypayoat

2009-09-12 01:32:11   Is there a way to add the map image to the main content of the page? It seems a bit easy to overlook the map icon on the article pages, and it would be nice to be able to embed the actual map off to the side of a business or park entry —RodneyBlackwell

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