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Help with Formatting

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Text Formatting Rules

Leave blank lines to separate paragraphs. You can use [[br]] to force linebreaks into paragraphs, but this is rarely necessary — returns behave as you'd expect from any text editor.

Normally, you'll just get plain, left-aligned text. To do anything more creative to your text, you'll probably need to put some sort of markup on both sides of your special text. For example, two single quotes (which look remarkably like double quotes but which won't work) around ''something'' will give you something; three single quotes around '''something else''' gives you something else bolded.

Desired effect You type The page displays:
bold (enclose with three single quotes) '''bold''' bold
italics (enclose with two single quotes) ''italics'' italics
bold italics (enclose with five single quotes) '''''bold italics''''' bold italics
underlined (enclose with two underscores) __underlined__ underlined
superscript (enclose with carets) a^2^ + b^2^ = c^2^ a2 + b2 = c2
subscript (enclose with two commas) H,,2,,O H2O
strikethrough (enclose with --X and X--) I am --XnotX-- available. I am not available.
force a carriage return (
I am on [[br]] two lines I am on
two lines
preformatted (ignores wiki markup) (enclose in three curly braces)  {{{ ''not italic''  }}} ''not italic'' 
centered (enclose in --> arrows <--)  --> centered text <-- 

centered text


1. To center your text, you need to put the symbols "-->" and "<--" around the text. For example, if you want to center "I am centered.":

You type The page displays:
-->I am centered.<--    

I am centered.

2. To mix up some markup, using bold and italics, see below:

You type The page displays:
Here's some '''''bold and italics;'' now just bold only.''' Here's some bold and italics; now just bold only.

3. To insert text (inline) without formatting, in a monospace font, use three curly braces like this:

You type The page displays:
 {{{'''No''' markup here! }}} '''No''' markup here!

*Note: To show an example of code (unformatted text) in a rectangular box, put the three "opening" curly braces at the end of the line immediately above the code and the three "closing" curly braces at the beginning of the line immediately below the code.

As a very advanced tip for those who are absolutely sure that their formatting is correct, but strange things are happening: Often when simple style markup (like italics and bold) is screwy in really odd ways, it is because there is an apparently unrelated style that is either not closed or improperly closed in a table before the section you're having problems with. The broken style in the table doesn't go beyond the end of the table cell, but it does mess with how the rest of the entry is rendered in odd, non-obvious ways. Fix the markup in the table, and the rest of the page should look fine.

For more information on the possible markup, see Help with Editing.

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