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This page is a made-up wedding that we have created for a project for our Media Technology class in college. We just have to show the use of a wiki.

Jeff and Sally's Wedding


Wedding Shoes 3.jpg #1
Wedding Shoes 1.jpg #2
Wedding Shoes 2.jpg #3


Erin- I like dress #3 the best. I don't like the hair piece though. I think you should go with a more traditional veil.
Laura-I kinda like dress #2 although #3 is pretty too.
Lauren - I love dress #3! #1 is really pretty to but I think I like the 3rd better, but with a traditional veil.
Heather - I kind of like the first dress its sooo big and almost fairy tail like. But if we went with dress number 3 i actually like the veil. Its cute <3

Erin- I like shoes #2 and #3 the best.
Laura-I definately like shoes #3 the best. I am not a big fan of pointy toes.
Lauren - I like #3, I don't like pointed shoes much either. I think 3 will look great with the dress.
Heather- I like shoes #3 as well! But i think it depends on the dress she decides! But if she does choose 3 definately choice 3 for the shoes!

Bridesmaids Dresses:
Erin- I like the 1st dress the most for the bridesmaids. However, your dress is more of an cream color, so I think it would match better if the belt on our dresses was a cream color instead of white.
Laura-I like the 2nd dress the best. I think that it has a very flattering cut.
Lauren - I like dress #1 the best. I like strapless and short. I think they will look good on all of us!
Heather- I like dress number 1 as well sorry Laura your out numbered! ahaha but i do like the idea of maybe making the belt cream instead of white. You will all look good in it but i have a feeling i wont!!

Erin- I like the 2nd flowers better than the first, but I like them both. I think that the pink would look really good with the black and white theme.
Laura-I like the 2nd flowers best too.
Lauren - I like the 2nd flowers too! They are so pretty!
Heather- definately go with the 2nd flowers!!!! I LOVE THEM!

Erin- I love the 2nd and 3rd cakes. The cupcake one is really cute and I think the cupcakes are a great idea for the guests instead of cutting pieces of cake. The 3rd one is very elegant though.
Laura- I like the 3rd cake the best. I love the flowers on it.
Lauren - I like the first cake with the pictures but I also like the 2nd too. Cupcakes would be easy to serve.
Heather- I like the 3rd and 4th one but we should change it up. Most weddings are all flowery and elegant. I kind of like the first one the most its more personal!


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