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With a home in [ptbo]Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, I was temporarily in [davis]Davis and found their wiki so very helpful, so I figured I would start the [ptbo]Peterborough Wiki in the spring of 2010.

Some stats for me are available at [ptbo]Users/j-beda and [davis]Users/j-beda and [mississauga]Users/j-beda.

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2010-04-29 21:09:37   Dashing out the door, but I wrote a program that does it. There's a website for it, but I'm blanking on the location. I'll dig up the URL for you in about an hour after I eat and open up my laptop again. It would probably be a good idea to leave me another message on [gnome]gnome to remind me. —JabberWokky

2010-04-29 22:44:02   Whups... I read your comment too quickly. I thought you meant the ones elsewhere. Those blue and yellow ones were done by hand. The ones at [ventura]ventura , [philomath]philomath , [longbeach]longbeach and on several other wikis are the ones from my program. If you're interested in that one, [WWW]click here. —JabberWokky

2010-06-26 15:49:34   Pages about businesses are named to match the name of the business. What is the name of Bizarro World as it is registered on it's business license? —JasonAller

2010-09-25 19:52:42   Thanks for helping out on the PEI Wiki, we appreciate a good Gnome! —KrisBulman

2010-09-27 23:56:30   Actually, I'm from Michigan, so I'll ask around. Michigan folk tend to know a lot of Canadians. Thought about starting a wikispot wiki for my hometown (Traverse City environs) but it may be beyond me technically. Anyway, see you in [vancouver]Vancouver. —JoRo

2011-05-28 16:13:39   Thanks for creating this wiki j-beda, it's awesome. I just moved to pboro but I'll try to contribute as I find out interesting info! —

2011-06-24 18:23:19   No problem... those spammers are a nuisance. —TomGarberson

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