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2011-01-07 19:36:02   I'm confused as to what you're saying. I'm from Davis, too. You were editing [wikispot]wikispot apparently thinking it was [merced]merced. I undid your changes here on wikispot because they are off topic here. —WilliamLewis

2011-01-07 21:02:13   The Wiki Spot hub is aimed at wiki creators and people who work on multiple wikis. Wiki spot is just a place for people to host their wikis; it is not a project to collect information about every city in the world (though [WWW] is more in that vein). A redirect is not needed.

As for [merced]merced, it's all fine and well to add to that wiki. But really, you're not going to get anywhere. It is just you editing it at the moment. Oh, and there are a few out of towners who contribute a little bit here and there and revert spam as it shows up. You will contribute what you know and nobody else will edit it. You will run out of things to say, especially without other people editing, and you will stop editing. Then, the wiki is just a blob of content whose usefulness steadily decreases as it becomes outdated and nobody looks at it.

If you want [merced]Merced to take off, you need to be on the ground in the city, adding photographs and getting friends involved. It is the community that makes wikis work. If you can't build that community, all the content in the world won't help you. —WilliamLewis

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