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Our Time of Life

As our time in life winds downward
Since time does fly fast
I realize I can't run from it
For that time is now a part of my past

In looking back over those years
With much laughter and tears
Especially from the time when I was quite small
I learned the important lesson of a
Mother's unconditional love
By the greatest Mother of all

And although I've grown into a woman
Whose hair is beginning to gray
I still need her approval
In everything I do or say

It was from your many sacrifices
When troubles would turn up its heat
How you taught me by your strong belief
To turn to God and not give into defeat

I hope I've made you proud of me
So much that your heart could swell
Because I don't have time to truly
express all the things my voice
and heart could tell

Now in your times of remembering should
you recall some of the things your
three children did
I hope it's the time I've given you by
being your youngest kid.

Happy Mother's Day

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