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Version 63 (2010-09-28 14:15:06)

Clear message

banhammer.pngWilliam wields the spam-bot banhammer. If you aren't a spam bot, no worries.

William is a wiki spot evangelist. He wants you to read the community guidelines and then create a wiki for your community.

On wiki spot, he can be found lurking, gnoming, and occasionally actually contributing to [davis]dwiki. You might want to check out his [davis]userpage over there. Or not. He might not be the most interesting guy in the world.

If you have any questions about creating or using wiki spot wikis, feel free to drop him a line below.


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2010-02-22 19:09:20   Thank you! Any ideas/ suggestions you have on how to make this site better would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again! —Raeka

2010-04-05 13:42:49   Ten Word Wiki:

2010-06-02 02:32:54   Reviewing back through some wikis to check they haven't reappeared, might I say that [WWW]that's a serious use of color. —JabberWokky

2010-07-01 14:50:31   By the way, [dating]dating might be one of those "template SEO" spam wikis I walk talking to you about roughly a month ago. Slightly different, as it doesn't have the two photos. But it does have the predictable format of "lead-in section with keywords, contact section with link". —JabberWokky

2010-07-07 12:39:31   Note that [selfadvocacy]selfadvocacy is linking to a non-commercial entity. It looks like SEO, but I don't think it is. —JabberWokky

2010-07-13 00:03:42   William—just a FYI. We've been discussing with Wikispot higher-ups on how to forge a closer relationship between WS and [WWW]RocWiki. That's why I was listing the spammers we're seeing. —Users/PeterBoulay

2010-07-19 23:32:04   William—FYI on [WWW]PCT you reverted my edit for Records and put spam back on the page (resume writing). —Users/PeterBoulay

2010-07-26 19:02:56   Yes, I did. Woops. —NateCRC

2010-08-24 20:11:32   Hi William it appears that you deleted my profile info. I created an account on wikispot today not for the purposes of spam but to actually contribute some architectural knowledge to a wiki. I was in fact guided by my I.T. consultant, it is part of an overall marketing effort in my firm but more so an effort to increase exposure of our architectural design process etc. My apologies if this qualifies as a spam attempt, that was not our intention. —AnthonyBrooks

2010-09-27 16:04:04   We had discussed the organized spammer that does different sites? I mentioned that they used colons or semi-colons and seemed to have two templates (or there are two of them). [synergyremodel]synergyremodel is an example of the colon/semi-colon template one. —JabberWokky

2010-09-28 14:15:06   As if on cue, here's the [autoinsurance521]other standard spam format. —JabberWokky

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