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''2009-03-18 20:52:12'' [[nbsp]] It looks like any pages we've created in the last week are failing to show up in page Searches. They're fine otherwise. Could this be due to something that happened in the Server Upgrade? --["Users/Mwanner"]
  One other wiki had reported that, but when I tested it, it appeared to be because of their odd titles (I already filed it as a bug report). Perhaps it had something to do with my account or pure chance and there is an actual bug re: search. A sysadmin with database access should probably double check things. --["Users/JabberWokky" Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards]

For now most of the FAQs can be found in Wiki Guide.

  1. Who "owns" my wiki?
  2. Can I get a backup of the data on my wiki?
  3. Can I use my own domain name with a Wiki Spot wiki?
  4. How do I include an image without uploading it to Wikispot?
    1. When should I do this?
  5. How do I create a page?
  6. How do I delete a page?
  7. How do I make 'redirects' ?
  8. How do I find out the IP address from which an edit was made?
  9. Mapping Lat/Long?
  10. How kosher is it to blatantly "steal" stuff from davis" height="16" width="16">Davis Wiki?
  11. How best to template and create and seed a Multi-Lingual wiki ?
  12. Can I watch a page and get an email notification if it changes?
  13. How can I embed a flash movie?
  14. How can I change the name of a page?
  15. How can I get website statistics?
    1. Wikis that use Webbugs or Statistics systems
  16. Where can I learn more about wiki security?
  17. BIG
    1. You have new messages on several entries

If you have a question that isn't answered already, ask it here!

Who "owns" my wiki?

Basically, you do. The longer answer is that Wiki Spot shouldn't and doesn't own the content, or the responsibility for the content, that it provides a home to. It's fully up to the admins of wikis to decide what license and terms they want their material to fall under. We encourage you to use a free license for your material, such as [WWW]Creative Commons! See our guide to choosing a license for the content on your wiki.

Can I get a backup of the data on my wiki?

We think this is really important! For now, you can get a export of the full contents of a wiki by leaving a note on philip's page. Let him know if you want an export of just the current contents of the wiki or an export containing all the page / file history as well. The export will be in the format [sycamore]described here.

This will eventually be automated, and we plan to support the ability to import as well.

Can I use my own domain name with a Wiki Spot wiki?

Yup! See our guide to using a custom domain name.

How do I include an image without uploading it to Wikispot?

To include an offsite image simply paste in the url of the photo. So if the photo was located at you would just paste into the page. The wiki sees that it's an external link and then sees that it's an image, so it displays it.

When should I do this?

Do this when you don't really think the image needs to be in the wiki. Uploading an image (By clicking on Files while editing and then including [[Image(thefilename)]] in the page's text) is preferred most of the time. When you upload an image it will be here for years to come, whereas if you just link to it (by pasting the URL) then it will likely disappear in a few years. An example might be a photograph that's very personal (for your page on here). Again, for most cases, uploading is preferable.

How do I create a page?

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can search for the title of the page — if the page doesn't exist, the search function will give you the option to create a new page (and open up an Edit screen). You can also type the address of the page into your browser's address bar. Upon finding out that the page doesn't exist, click the link to create the page.

How do I delete a page?

Just go into edit and press "Delete" down under the text area. Make sure you integrate what you wrote into other pages!

How do I make 'redirects' ?

See Help with Linking.

How do I find out the IP address from which an edit was made?

Display the page "info" to view a page's Revision History. Position and pause the mouse pointer over an editor's name and a tooltip will appear with the IP address from which the edit was made. For recent edits, you can also pause over the name of the user on the Recent Changes page.

Mapping Lat/Long?

Is it possible to use the address macro to map Lat/Long data? That would be seriously cool!

How kosher is it to blatantly "steal" stuff from [davis]Davis Wiki?

As far as content goes, you just need to attribute it to Davis Wiki someplace. Davis Wiki was built in the hopes that the material on it would be useful to others for a long, long time, and so its pages and most all of its content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

You should probably just use the Davis Wiki introductory content as a starting point, so leaving an attribution around before it transforms into something new isn't a big deal.

How best to template and create and seed a Multi-Lingual wiki ?

Toronto is the most ethnically diverse city in the world with over a hundred spoken languages here. We want to soft launch with cantonese, french, urdu, spanish seed pages in addition to the main english seed articles. What we came up with is to add a trailing slash followed by the name of the language after any pages that users want in their own language. For instance Seed would be the main English article, whereas Seed/Cantonese, Seed/Spanish, Seed/etc would be translated version or equivalent of that page in their respective languages. Does Anyone have a better idea??? — HiMY

Can I watch a page and get an email notification if it changes?

You can easily watch a page by adding it to your Bookmarks list: simply go to the page you want to watch and then click "Bookmark this page" at the bottom of the page. Then when you visit the Bookmarks tab on that wiki you'll see when the pages on your bookmarks were changed (the Interwiki Bookmarks tab here on the hub will show you all your bookmarks across every wiki). The tab itself will become bolded when there's been a change to the page that you haven't seen, too.

12/03/07: There is no "Bookmark this page" at the bottom or top of this page—or any other that I see. JH

As far as getting notifications when you're not on the wiki, there's an RSS feed available on the Bookmarks page, and that feed has all of the changes to the pages on your bookmarks list. There's lots of RSS readers out there that can do fancy things like pop up a window when a change has made or even send you an email. Some quick searching reveals [WWW] as being able to do this, and I think there's probably a few others out there, too.

3-jan-09: I'd like more instructions on how to do exactly that, i.e., get an RSS feed from the Recent Changes page. Thanks, HPMorgan (

How can I embed a flash movie?

Right now, you can't. You should just provide a link to the flash movie instead.

Should we allow this? What security risks does it pose (and how can we work around those risks)? Would this require we let people enter in raw HTML? If not, how would we do this?

Can be post a YouTube video link, like you can on many other websites and on facebook? —MikeK.

How can I change the name of a page?

Go into the Edit area and click the "Rename" button.

How can I get website statistics?

2007-08-28 05:02:05   What is the best way to get standard websites statistics? Specifically: Page Views, Heavily trafficked wiki pages, busiest time of day for the wiki, which pages etc. How about Google Analytics or some reporting akin to ? —HimySyed

Some more thoughts, from JabberWokky: You can put a webbug in by using something like [], which is loaded when a visitor hits the page. That will give you info on the browsers and users, but not the search terms (which is likely what you're most after). It's also nice because the wiki community can see it and know it is there. For search terms (in the referrer), you'd need access to the web server logs. It would probably be a useful thing for wikis in general to have either reports or access to raw logs from the server... the latter is only iffy because a well meaning but non-thoughtful person might grab them so often the bandwidth usage becomes an issue. —JabberWokky

Wikis that use Webbugs or Statistics systems

Here are some of the systems that communities on Wiki Spot have chosen to use. If your community uses one or you notice a community using a different solution, list it here so other communities can see what options are available.

Where can I learn more about wiki security?

Specifically, I am wondering if there is any way for the wiki username and password to be automatically logged off when the user leaves the wiki site. Currently, if a user logs into the wiki and then disconnects from the internet without logging out of the wiki, the user is still automatically logged into the wiki when they reconnect to the internet. I tried clearing the Remember Me check box in security, but it did not automatically log a user out when they left the wiki site.

Also, even if the wiki security for a page in the wiki site is set to not allow a user to view it without having the username, someone can still view the page if they happen to be able to guess the page name. Is there a way to make a particular page more secure, or does that conflict with what wikis are all about? Thanks! —egcmember

First off, check out the Help for Wiki Administrators page — we should try to integrate your questions into that page. As far as your first question: unchecking "remember me" and logging out and logging in again will make it so your Wiki Spot session will expire when you close your browser — simply visiting another web site is not enough.

Your second question: You can un-check "view" for a particular user group, but keep in mind that people will still be able to view the page if the default behavior for that page is that "Everyone can view." Does that make sense? What that means is if you want to make a page only viewable to a particular group then you should make sure that in the page's Security area no other groups can view the page except the group you want to be able to view it.PhilipNeustrom

Have a question or don't know what's going on? Just type into this box and press "Add comment"!

Note: You must be logged in to add comments

2007-04-04 10:51:09   我很喜欢这里 —xiedir

2007-04-15 21:36:15   Why does this page or the "Help With Editing" page not have a section about comments? I could use some help setting up comments, and I know I once read a document about them... —DougWalter

2007-04-19 18:09:17   Torontopedia only allows logged in folks to edit. I have seed pages all over the wiki asking people to hit 'EDIT'. Since only logged-in people can see the 'EDIT' button, Can the 'EDIT' be shown to anonymous or non-logged-in people, and when they hit edit, something appears and tells why and how to register a username and then edit? —HimySyed

2007-04-19 20:09:12   Compare the two pages, I don't know why the lines on RocWiki don't show on this Torontopedia template: [WWW] and [WWW]
I can't figure it out, anyone else have trouble with getting lines to show up? —HimySyed

2007-04-24 20:24:34   I'm sure I simply missed this somewhere or just need an example macro to look at... When I file upload a photo and attach it to a page, I can make it appear on that page successfully. Now, how do I re-use the same photo on another page? what is the format? I enter the same macro on another page, and no photo appears. Thus far I have simply re-uploaded the same photo or image onto different pages, thus duplicating data and uploads unnecessarily. Thanks. —HimySyed

2007-04-28 17:47:07   Can I decide to host my wiki on my server at a later time? Is there any way to export the data? —

2007-07-03 09:46:50   I would like to display computer code which is preformatted and contains line breaks. When I use the triple braces, the result looks very nice but I don't get any line breaks. Is there some other way to obtain preformatted code with linebreaks? —Yannis.Haralambous

2007-07-16 21:57:16   Is there a Category function? I've been searching around for info on subpages but haven't found much. For example, I want to have a section called "Chapters" and in that page have it show "Part I" and "Part II" (links to separate pages). Is that only a MediaWiki feature :(? —earthsprite

2007-07-18 06:40:15   Okay, this is sort of silly. Isn't there a working way to make text larger other than using headers? They do not work with any other formatting (tables, bullets, etc). HTML doesn't seem to be allowed. Having no way to enlarge font size doesn't make sense to me. Any help? Thanks. —earthsprite

2007-07-20 00:38:15   Hi Philip. I appreciated your notice that I had uploaded an image to the wrong place. I am totally new to wikis and am going to make some real gaffs before I get the hang of how things should be done! Hope I don't screw things up beyond all repair :) Here's another one I did: I accidentally deleted all the helpful stuff (Quick Start Guide, Default Pages, and Making New Pages) that's on the front page of my new wiki (Kusaal Language Development) and don't know how to get it back. Is there a way to do that? Also, is it possible to change my username (I'd like to include my first name)? And where will I find your answers to these questions when I log on again? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks! —Steinborn

2007-07-21 01:12:16   Do you guys have support for writing equations in wikispot? —eajung

2007-08-16 18:35:32   Is there a way to change the title of a page? I am trying to edit the page for my organization and the name has changed. Does anyone know if I can just edit it or if I have to make a whole new page? —KirisaGavrin

2007-08-19 22:04:53   Hi, Philip. Sorry to bug you again, but would you mind changing the name for the wiki "nworegonchew" to "linnbentonchew"? This thing is evolving even as we speak. :-) —RichLindvall

2007-08-19 22:08:57   Are there front page templates for new wiki administrators, such as one for local wikis and another for common interest wikis? Or do we just modify what we see others doing? (I've noticed that some new admins don't seem to know how to change the name on their wiki—I only found out by accident. Yikes! I'd better study this more! —RichLindvall

2007-08-21 13:48:18   I just created the, when I entered 'Montréal' in the General wiki settings for the name and the tagline, it didn't work and rejected all the changes I had made on the page. I understand we can't use 'Montré' but we can use ''. I just want to spell Montréal with the accent if possible. Thanks. —HimySyed

2007-08-25 04:16:43   Hi, Philip. One last time. :-( Would you mind changing "linbentonchew" to "lbchew"? I'm thinking of getting the domain name "" and linking to Wikispot if I can figure it out. I'd like to make it easier for others in our area to find the wiki on the 'net. Sorry to cause you trouble on this. Thanks, again, for all your help! —RichLindvall

2007-08-25 15:18:50   Hey Philip - I had two questions. First, how do I change the title of my frontpage (where it says "Our untitled wiki"? I can't find a button anywhere in the edit page that says rename. The other question was, is there a way to add citations at the bottom of the page, like in wikipedia? Thanks! —

I disabled my accout forever and now I can't create a new one with my own email address or go back to the old one. What can I do about it? — (whose disabled account is Randomguy)

2007-09-01 16:30:55   How come people can edit my wiki (LBCHEW) without having an account? Can I change this? —RichLindvall

2007-09-03 19:16:29   Thanks, Philip & Jason, for all your help! You guys are great! Little by little I'm learning this thing—becoming a downright "wiki evangelist"! :-) My latest query regards how to get GOOGLE to recognize the link for LBCHEW. I've tried to upload the URL ([WWW] to the GOOGLE site but to no avail. What should I do? —RichLindvall

2007-09-06 02:56:09   How do I activate the RSS/Live Journal feature on my events board ([WWW] —RichLindvall

2007-09-19 13:35:02   Hi. I'm a new wiki user. I tried different style and layout sheets, and then when I tried to revert to the original layout I got a big long Python error page. Philip noticed and left a comment which probably explains better than I can what's going on. I'll paste it below. Any ideas for how to deal with this? —It looks like you're using the style.css file for the simple sidebar theme but not the layout.css file (see Themes). If you wanted to revert back to the original wiki style, just go into the wiki settings CSS area, click on each file, and then click "revert" on the oldest version of the style and layout files. Is the current look what you wanted? Let me or someone else know if you need help — see our FAQ and Community Discussion pages. Best, PhilipNeustrom —mendhamt

2007-09-20 01:58:59   How do I test that my email link is set up right? I'm more familiar with MediaWiki projects and searched in vain for an "email this user" link to test it by mailing myself. Thanks —LarryPieniazek

2007-09-21 16:04:19   How do add math formulas to my new wiki? —amsepd

2007-10-02 12:43:16   I would like to insert LaTeX formulae in my wiki pages. How can I do? —bfrenay

2007-10-05 09:08:54   Hi Can I paste a swicki search engine to my wiki, in order to enable my community to browse the web selectively and mutualize the precious results ? For instance, if you go there: [WWW] you can "grab" the swicki code (on the right) and publish it on a platform (a blog...): does it also work with a wikispot wiki ?
philippe —philacour

2007-10-05 14:28:15   I'm making a wiki for an educational group. We've entered everyone onto the people page—is there a way to enter all the emails into a single "send to" button on the wiki, so it will be easy to notify everyone when we have updated content? (we are not all at the same institution). thanks—Marya —mzlatnik

2007-10-05 18:50:12   Hi Philip Thanks for your answer. I guess the benefit of a swicki search embedded in the wiki would be to allow people to add more content to the pages through a search engine designed for that purpose. But it is true that a link is enough for the moment.
Also, I read your answer to Marya about the RSS and found it interesting, though I did not understand all of it. I shall begin with a first question, then
- when I paste the "Event board" RSS feed into my netvibes agregator, it appears "void", although I keep writing new events: U got any clue why this is happening (I didn't get any anwser for netvibes so far)
- where do the former "new events" go ? Is there any archive ?

2007-10-06 12:18:31   Hi Philip Yep, that's what I did. And it appears as: [WWW] on my netvibes widget preview
but then I get an "empty" message about this RSS feed... I don't understand: any idea ?

2007-10-08 12:09:37   Hi Philip Thanks. I thought it was maybe because the "Events board" of my wiki was redirected to another one (for reasons of translation into french). Is there a way I can unlock a page without unlocking the whole wiki: i tried in the "Edit" part of the page to change the security settings for this very page, but it does not work...
p —philacour

2007-10-08 12:19:15   Hi again Philip I checked the problem a little bit, by changing the security settings one or two times. Still no success. I'm therefore back to my first hypothesis: since the RSS of wikidavis works with my netvibes page, and not the one of my wiki's Events board page, I think it is because I redirected the Events board page to another one (which I called "Tableau des messages"), where I pasted the RSS syndication instruction. For some reason, it does not work. What do you think ?
p —philacour

2007-10-09 20:57:07   Hi philip I tried to syndicate another wiki of mine (events board page) and it does not work, whereas it does with wiki davis (still my netvibes page): where am I wrong then ?
Also, A friend of mine told me to take a look at : the functions seem more developed but i'm not sure whether they will remain ad-free. What do you think ? And are you definitely planning to remain non-profit. If so, are you planning to develop more/new functions gradually, such as allow video attachment, or constitute an "inner-wiki" linking editing icon (which would be great for my "analphabet" friends) ?
Best —philacour

2007-10-09 22:32:56   Hi, is is possible for certain pages to only be for a private set of members so they can discuss issues etc without the whole world reading? —educationprogram

2007-10-10 08:43:49   Hi philip Thank you for your remarks and the pages you indicated
First answer: by "inner wiki" link, I did not mean "inter wiki" link but what was called "auto wiki" link button by another user ([WWW]
Best —philacour

2007-10-10 09:16:12   Hi again Philip I'm still stuck in this RSS problem. I unlocked both the Events board page and the redirected one ("tableau des messages"), so that security is no more the problem. Still, syndication does not work with my netvibes agregator, while it does with wikidavis. I also tried to syndicate the unlocked non-redirected ("simple") events board page from another wiki of mine: still no success !
I'm problably wrong somewhere, but where ?

2007-10-10 15:13:02   Hi, I would like to know the limitations on the space provided by Wiki Spot for each Wiki. Can anyone tell me? —saisandesh

2007-10-11 16:05:11   Hi all right, it was unlocked for "everybody" and not to "log-in people", but does it make a difference ? Now I unlocked totally the two pages and still cannot get any syndication. Why ?

2007-10-16 18:51:46   I do not see or cannot understand as to "how to sign up". I see a space at top-right on the home page but do not know how to go about that. Can you please answer, not just post, my question :)

are we there yet —

2007-10-17 17:59:06   Hi there Thanks for your latest answer: it did help.
Did you plan to translate some pages of your wiki (presentation, help...) ? Would you like some help for that ?
Best —philacour

2007-10-18 21:28:57   Hi all right I began. It's just a test though. I 'll do it slowly. I need a bigger picture of the whole though, even if I start small. For instance, there's a wole list of "Help with"..., right, so I guess it would be better to find also a standard equivalent in French (help with will actually be translated differently according to what is coming next: "à" for Editing, or "pour" for some others). So I guess it would be better to choose "pour" if one is to take a standard expression. I need to think about it and do it with my community. You have a list of "rigid" standards you keep using all the time (other than "Help with") ?
best —philacour

2007-10-19 17:38:24   Thanx Phil I'll be working on it.
Best —philacour

2007-10-20 10:16:19   Hi phil I'm wondering what the difference is between the "local" wikispot project and wikitravel (e.g. [WWW]
So I'm really a big fan of wikidavis, and I'd like to do the same for berlin (where I live), but I dunno whether this is a good idea, given the already big network of wikitravel. However, the projects seem different, but my ideas about these differences are confuse (every day life vs traveller's tips). Perhaps you could help me here to weigh the pros and cons ?
Best —philacour

2007-10-22 08:03:34   Is there a list of deleted pages, and can I restore a certain page? The background to my question is the strange revision history for this page: [WWW]
It was renamed from something else and then directly deleted without further editing. I can't figure out how to restore the page, and am curious whether that is caused by the renaming, or a general problem with the history of deleted pages. —Xeraan

2007-10-25 19:16:00   Is it possible to change the text color for a line or series of lines? I'm working on a template for the many buildings on the UW-Madison campus, [madison]Templates/UW Building and I was thinking to make it white text on the dark red boxes. I can format it a different way if there are no text color tags set up, but I thought this would look cool. —KarlMogel

2007-11-12 14:25:47   I'm interested in putting a universal RSS feed on my other sites for the wiki, but it looks like the only rss link is the personalized one from the bookmarks page. Is there a way to create an rss feed for recent changes that is not user specific? —JonKuniholm

2007-11-14 15:04:36   Can I create all my pages (including images)off-line and then upload them like creating a website, or must I type (or copy & paste) my copy & uload images online as I create a WIKI online? —

2007-11-15 14:27:18   I have not yet begun to create my WIKI. If I want to upload an image, am I able to determine what size it appears on the page? Can I determine its location – like determining if copy surrounds it or it goes across the entire page and copy is above or below it? Can I upload an image that copy is then created on or must I first include the copy on the image and then upload it? Can the image be captioned beneath it? —

2007-11-27 02:41:20   I am trying to insert a radio station in New York. I click on "edit," and there doesn't appear to be a place to enter data. Maybe I'm just missing something... Wanda —WandaFischer

2007-12-15 07:19:23   Are there any limits to how many wikis you can watch? How many RCs you can be tracking? I'm watching a fairly hefty number, and I'm a wee bit worried I might run up against some sort of limitation, either a simple maxed out count or a limiter in database queries and start missing updates without realizing it. —JabberWokky

2007-12-18 16:12:36   I think I just deleted the Events page in the new wiki for my organization. When I go to the Recent Changes page and try to recreate the page, it does not have the "Add Event" fields on it. I had deleted the page because adding an event was generating an error. How can I get the Events Page back, or create a new Events Page with the Add Event fields in my group's wiki? The wiki is located at: [WWW] Thanks for any help!

Hey, I think I figured it out - sorta. I found the Events macro and pasted it into a new Events page in the wiki. Now, as the admin, I can add events but not delete them. When I click the delete link for an event, it says I am not allowed to add an event.. How can I fix that? BTW, this wiki stuff is really fun!


Looks like the Events Board page is working now. Thanks very much for your help! —egcmember

2008-01-08 14:15:46   Is there any software like Wikipedia's AutoWikiBrowser available or planned for wikispot? I would like to do some substantial editing at the Chico wiki. —GregBard

2008-02-20 14:43:12   Can a css drop down menu be added to a wiki? Thanks —Nic

2008-04-03 17:01:39   How many simultaneous edits can the wikispot network handle without serious degradation? —Develine

2008-04-22 17:41:59   how can I use an RSS app in my wiki? —Guillermo

2008-04-27 14:37:33   How do I add a registered trademark symbol (R)? How about diacritical marks? Thanks. :-) —Jannamark

2008-04-29 17:03:20   how can I write HTML code to explain for example how can I create an i-frame, but just to be shown as code, not to be implemented in the wiki? —Guillermo

in a box <div>like this</div>

see help with formatting

2008-05-09 02:13:26   Hey (whoever wants to answer my question), I was wondering if there's a way to permanently delete an image off the wiki with adminfu powers. It's a copyright issue and I'd be much happier if the image just didn't exist on the wiki anymore.

Ah, I figured it out! I didn't know I had to restore it first...

Thanks regardless, for the general wiki creation/management!

Cheers. —BenChaney

2008-05-20 14:19:57   Hey, is mod_rewrite or mod_redirect enabled on the server? Could we have a /apple-touch-icon.png to /Wiki_Settings/Images?sendfile=true&file=apple-touch-icon.png rule placed? If it isn't already enabled, don't worry about it... if it is enabled in the future, poke me for Wiki Spot and Davis Wiki icons. —JabberWokky

2008-05-22 23:33:45   What are your limits for size? I'd like to start a wiki for my high school classroom.... I'd like to find a free one with a good amount of file space provided. I hade to get one started and have to start over if I run out of space... —

2008-06-26 09:20:50   Testing to see if comments can be anonymous, a necessary feature for my wiki... —


How do i make text bigger? i tried <big></big> but that doesn't work as it normally does. thanks

2008-07-07 14:03:44   Is there any way to use Google Maps' embedded map feature? There seems to be no way to include arbitrary HTML (the angle brackets get quoted automatically). I know about the Map button at the top of the page, but I would like to present a Google Map at a specific location in a page and have it always show up without waiting for the reader to click on the Map button. Also, when the reader clicks on the Map button, the output for my new wiki ([wheatfield-backgreen]wheatfield-backgreen) currently looks awful, because it tries to recenter the map to make the pop up balloon visible and because the map is too small this doesn't really work well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! —JoeWells

2008-07-07 20:44:00   Thanks very much for replying to my question about embedded maps.

Yes, I hope the embedded map feature gets added. It would be lovely.

Regarding the problem with the existing map feature, I have put a screenshot at [wheatfield-backgreen]Map Problem Report. This is what shows up on my wiki when the “Map” icon is clicked. Notice that the green arrow and red balloon have almost scrolled out of the map view pane. When the map comes up, they are in the center, but then get scrolled to the edge as the balloon pops up. Notice also that the balloon text is too big to fit in the map view pane. It would make things much better for me if I could ask for the map view pane to be larger, or if I could ask for there to be no pop-up balloon. Is there a way to do this? Also, is there a way to get the map to always show up, without needing the Map icon to be clicked first?

By the way, I'm replying in a new comment because when I try to edit the page, the text gets cut off in the editor at 49152 bytes (which is 48 * (2 10), i.e., 48 Ki bytes). (UPDATE: I've checked, and the correct data is being sent in the HTML. All the text is present. So it is something in my browser that is cutting the text off at 49152 bytes.) (I'm using Firefox, which is the Ubuntu Dapper Drake version with the latest security patches. I have a few extensions and I have no idea if they could be interfering to cause the problem.) If I then saved any changes, the items since April would be lost, so I'm adding a new comment instead. I suppose I could try to use the “quick edit” feature, but I'm not confident that would do the right thing.

Also by the way, my wiki's “location” probably also qualifies as what you think of as a “specific point”. :-) ☺ This is explained on the wiki's [wheatfield-backgreen]Front Page.

By the way³, feature suggestion: previewing of comments and quick edits.

Thanks for the lovely marvelous wiki system! —JoeWells

2008-07-09 12:47:08   What is the best way to make the link text for an uploaded file be something other than the file name? If I do [[file(foobar.pdf)]], the text that appears to the reader is “foobar.pdf”. If I want something else like for example “link text”, I have to do something like [ link text] to go to the file viewing/editing page (“[WWW]link text”) or [ link text] if I want the file to be downloaded directly when the link is clicked (“[WWW]link text”). However, these are a horrible pain to type and will be hard for my wiki's users to figure out. (UPDATE: Plus, they are fragile and will break if the wiki implementation internal details change.) Is there a better way? It would be great if something like [[file("link text","file name")]] did the right thing. —JoeWells

2008-07-09 14:23:47   Is it possible to do cross-wiki includes? It would be great if something like [[include(gnome:Seed)]] would include the [gnome]Seed page from the [gnome]gnome wiki. Is there any way to do this, or do I need to copy the content into my own wiki? —JoeWells

2008-07-12 13:39:20   Can someone with database access please clear the “Default address locale” setting in the [wheatfield-backgreen]Wiki Settings/General control page of the [wheatfield-backgreen]wheatfield-backgreen wiki? There is a bug (reported as “Can't clear default address locale” on the Bug reports page) that prevents me from doing so. I understand that it might take a while to fix the bug, so I am wondering if someone can just zap this field in the database for me. I would like it to revert to its initial state (which I am guessing is the empty string). Due to the bug, the best I can do by myself is make it the string “ ” (1 space character).

By the way, is this the correct place to make support requests like this?

I am grateful for any help.

2008-07-30 20:54:57   We're in the process of setting up a wiki for our church community (around 150 people). We're somewhat bending a 'wiki principle', in that we're looking to restrict edits to most pages to church members only (of course, anyone in our local community or beyond can join & become a member...) My plan is to set up a group ("Members") with ~150 user IDs in it and use that in the Wiki Settings/Security page to control access to our wiki overall. The question is: Will we have an issue using a group with that many IDs in it for security purposes? Thanks! —MichaelOConnell

2008-08-01 10:55:48   Is there a macro for current date and time? how about for --[["Users/USERNAME"]] DateAndTime  ... besides the button on the edit screen? —davidbessler

2008-08-01 10:58:02   A "reverse" comments box would be nice too ... perhaps [News] which appends comments to the TOP of the page. —davidbessler

2008-08-02 19:54:29   Can I change my username? —Zimarev

2008-08-10 23:27:40   In the initial default common.css file, the class noFloat (for span elements) is implemented with “float: left”.


noFloat only applies for thumbnails that don't have an explicit left or right alignment given to them. E.g. [[Image(name.jpg, thumbnail, right)]] is specifically right whereas [[Image(name,jpg, thumbnail)]] is not. Maybe you could suggest a better name for this case (defaultAlign?)

This only applies for thumbnails. They have to float because they have a border around them along with a potential caption. We tried over and over, and this has been mentioned before a few times, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this in CSS without making the element float (as far as I/others could figure out!)

As far as tables — I'd avoid using thumbnails in them, but it should work because it floats inside the table cell. —PhilipNeustrom

2008-08-18 10:51:44   Is there any way to thumbnail an image from another page at a different size than it appears on that page?

On [wheatfield-backgreen]my wiki's people page, I have this code:

[[image(imgp1905.jpg,thumbnail,500,"caption text omitted")]]

On [wheatfield-backgreen]my wiki's main page, I want to reference the image, but at a smaller size. I tried this:


However, the size=192 portion of the URL appears to be ignored, and I get the image sized as though I requested size=500.

Is there any way to get what I want without duplicating the image? —JoeWells

2008-08-26 11:04:53   What's a good place to get one or more mailing lists associated with a [wheatfield-backgreen]wiki hosted? (No, a message page on the wiki is not sufficient for this purpose because too few of the people involved know how to use RSS at all.) —JoeWells

2008-10-19 22:09:12   I disabled my accout forever and now I can't create a new one with my own email address or go back to the old one. Can you reenable it? -TomKuruzovich

2008-11-19 01:29:45   You say: "Requiring your users to register an account can help to build community. Or you might want to hold data for a more secret project, where only a few users get to edit and view pages. In these cases, your friend is the Wiki Settings/Security page. "

Is it possible to restrict access to the site to people to whom I have given passwords?

John Kilcullen —larpc

2008-12-09 19:55:18   I saw something about getting Wiki Visit Counts via, but I fear that how one would go about this is completely unclear to me. Could you, very kindly, elaborate? Thanks much. —Mwanner

2008-12-09 15:16:59   You can add an image located on another server to an entry whose views you wish to track, or if you want to track all views (minus edits) and you are the wiki admin, you can add an image to the footer (see wiki settings). Basically, you use the external server to provide stats on that image, and thus see stats for the whole site. That's how many web statistics services work. At the very very basic level, you can just host an image anywhere and look at the server log (keeping in mind that you need to make sure that the image is not cached). For more advanced results, use a web statistics service or software package and you can track all kinds of information about visitors.

There are probably better explanations out there on the web statistics websites that show you how to use their service. As I don't use any, I am hesitant to recommend a particular one. There are also javascript snippets that are used in the same way. I think Google Trends uses a javascript bug for instance. —JabberWokky

2008-12-11 01:41:19   Can admins get at their user's email addresses? —Mwanner

2008-12-11 13:07:37   Another question— can one, by any chance, change the interwiki Wikipedia logo? We will be using a lot of links to Wikipedia, and the logo is mighty noticeable. See [hsl]Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium, for example. But I fear the answer is that it's a global setting? TIA —Mwanner

2008-12-11 08:56:17   You can certainly change or remove it by changing the CSS for either a.interwiki or img.interwiki_icon. A typical way (off the top of my head and thus untested) would be something like:

a.interwiki[title="wikipedia"] img.interwiki_icon { display: none; }

Swapping it out for a local image is a bit more complicated but pretty straightforward if you know CSS. —JabberWokky

Great, that worked. I wasn't quite sure where to put it, but I found some other "a." expessions and stuck it in there and it worked fine. I know zilch about CSS, but so far, I've lucked out tinkering with it. Thanks again...—Mwanner

2008-12-11 21:12:11   If I've disabled my account, how do I start a new one with the same email address? —

2008-12-11 21:17:01   How do I please disable/CANCEL MY NinetteLawrence account page???? Please cancel it for me!!!! I would be very grateful if you would just please cancel it for me, and then just tell me how you did it, and how you can make any changes in a name in an account?? My email address is, phone # is 530-902-8711 Thank you. —

2008-12-13 00:59:18   When I get a message, and click on the Messages link, it takes me to the Wikispot Interwiki Bookmarks page. Is there any way to change this so that it takes me to my User page? —Mwanner

Making the user page change notice send someone to their user page is probably a good idea — at least if they just have one user page (e.g. don't edit multiple wikis) (A software change) —PhilipNeustrom

You have new messages on several entries

Or you can [linktousersettings click here to manage your notifications].

2008-12-13 13:29:40   And another newbie question: is there any way to have a Talk page automatically include a [[Comments]] box (and maybe not offer the user a full set of templates on the way in— just create the page)? I note that it already has the special feature of a heading reading "This page is for discussing the contents of..." Could we take it the next step and make it a real Talk page from the get-go? —Mwanner

2008-12-30 22:24:24   I'm getting "No space left on device" errors at [hsl]hsl on any page create attempts. —Mwanner

2009-01-13 19:16:21   We're going to be adding a number of historical photos for which we would like to be able to add meta-data. I know we could include it all in the photo caption, but it would be nice not to have to have it all on display— any chance of having a sub-page for image files. (Note that this would also be useful for those who want to license a particular image differently from the rest of their material.) —Mwanner

2009-01-20 22:18:39   Questions from Harvey Morgan (maddaze) of 1) How do I see all the registered members of the adld wiki? Or should I be asking how I see the names of all those who follow the wiki?
2 There's a lovely page explaining how to upload and insert photos. I can't find similar detail on handling files. In particular how do I supply my own description of an inserted file, to be displayed in place of the file name? —maddaze

2009-01-29 19:23:39   Is there a standard way to add a timeline to a page? —InsaneLampshade

2009-02-01 15:34:20   How do I register under a new Username with the same email address? — ([wikispot]The Vigil Hawk)

2009-02-23 21:38:42   Please remove the listing for this restaurant. I now have their old tel. number and the calls are irritating, to say the least. Please, get this off your website today!!!!! Or, I'll consider it harrassment tomorrow!!!!!

Barbary Coast Savanah BBQ
1226 20th Street
Sacramento , CA 95814
Phone: (916) 441-0622
Cuisine: Barbecue

2009-02-27 16:07:39   Oops! I set up my site,, using the registered name david-stookey. Realizing that best practices say it should be DavidStookey, I changed it, deleting the first one in the process. Now I can't administer the site; I can't even Edit pages because of my security settings. How do I get back on the throne? —DavidStookey

2009-03-18 20:52:12   It looks like any pages we've created in the last week are failing to show up in page Searches. They're fine otherwise. Could this be due to something that happened in the Server Upgrade? —Mwanner

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