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The Wiki Spot project is a multicommunity, non-profit effort to build communities and provide free information to all. Everyone can contribute and edit content — it is no one person or group's site. With this in mind, we intend to keep Wiki Spot completely free and, equally importantly, free from banner ads and other advertising. Forever.


Regardless of intentions, running a web site is not a free enterprise. Aside from the time spent coding features and regular site maintenance, we do need to pay for hosting and hardware costs. These costs are not tremendous but they are non-zero. Currently, it costs us $55/month for our hosting. So we ask — if you enjoy the site and want to help keep it running for as long as possible — that you make a contribution.

Donate only if it is convenient for you. Many of us are students and/or have families to support, and many of us have experienced being completely broke. Wiki Spot doesn't need a lot, but every little bit counts. The money is used exclusively for site matters, as we are a non-profit organization.

Donate online with PayPal using your Credit/Debit card or your PayPal account:

To donate via check: Make your check payable to "Davis Wiki" (the current name of the bank account) and mail to this address:

Davis Wiki
P.O. Box 873
Davis, CA 95617-0873

If you donate via check, please send an email to <daviswiki AT gmail DOT com> to let us know so we can keep track of donations as they come in. If you don't want to be thanked publicly or have any other special instructions, please say so in your email.

Fundraiser event

We currently have no plans for a fundraiser, but we should probably have one soon.


Current progress can be tracked on the [davis]Davis Wiki page until that page moves over here.

Your generous contributions are most appreciated!

Every user of the site is donating his or her time to make Wiki Spot better. There are also ways you can help with the backend of the site (graphic design, HTML, programming, etc). See Wiki Spot Development if you're interested in helping out with those aspects.

This is a Wiki Spot wiki. Wiki Spot is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps communities collaborate via wikis.